Help: Lice to The Rescue. What to Do?

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Small parasite, white – off-white, that “home” in the hair of man and sucks blood. Lays its eggs (nits) in hair, where they remain firmly anchored with a kind of glue produced from louse mother, very strong, until they are born, after about 7 days. Lice move easily into the hair with hook-shaped legs.

It was once thought that the lice infestation depended primarily by poor hygiene.

Today, we realized that this is absolutely not true, in fact, without distinction, it can be found equally in both healthy and ill people underdeveloped, both in the most clean and developed.

They are known three types of lice:

  • that of the head (Pediculus capitis), the most common and similar to that of the body;

  • that of the body (Pediculus humanus), this can pose a serious health problem as a vector of serious disease epidemic such as typhus, relapsing fever and trench fever.;

  • that of the pubis (Phthirus pubis), has a much flatter shape than the two species (hence the common name “crab”).

The infestation is manifested by severe irritation and itching of the affected area. This itching, if persistent can lead to dermatitis and other infections caused by Staphylococcus (in case of lack of cleanliness).

A careful inspection of the scalp is enough to discover the infestation. The easiest to find are the nits, which is usually found attached to the hair of the head around the ears and those eggs are attached to the hair root, where conditions of temperature and humidity are more conducive to hatching. Even if the length of the hair has nothing to do with the presence or absence of the louse, when in doubt of an infestation, it is always good practice to keep their hair short, because easier to control.

To avoid sharing combs, brushes, hats, scarves and clothing and direct contact of the hair, which is very difficult among children especially the smaller ones.

Besides frequent inspection of the hair, are instrumental in the many commercially available products: shampoos, lotions and various powders.

Beyond the annoyance to the child and the utmost attention from the parents, if there is clean, there are other issues that can cause parents to worry about or worry.


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