Passive Income And Bukisa

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First off i would like to say i am new to Bukisa. Bukisa is a website that seems fairly small but after reading reviews seems like a great sourse of passive income. The sign up process was very simple and easy, just enter your first and last name, email address, and then your desired username.After joining the layout is user friendly and easy to get started. Bukisa tells you how many articles or how to’s you have written. It also tells you how much income you have generated since joining. The money you make is low but that is what you should expect from writing articles that wont pay you with a flat rate. One nice thing is you dont have to keep writing articles, anytime you wish you can stop writing articles and when you come back you will sill have made some money.

Overall watch what you write on this site. This is site supports educational articles. Keep it appropriate for all ages. Many people write 1 or 2 articles and just quit, its ok to do that but if you want to make real money you must write many articles. It is true some people have wrote 50 or more articles and have still made little or only a small amount of money. Some people have made alot of money off just a few articles but most make little money off any specific article. Overall it is worth it to write articles on this site because you make more money for time spent then a low income job. You need to have accumulated at least $10 in order to get paid which i have yet to acheive. I have not heard of anyone making a large income off this specific site but you could always be the first one.

The best thing about Bukisa is you can do it on your spare time. whether your a college student with an extra half hour, or a stay at home parent Bukisa takes little time out of your day, and if done right is quite worthwhile. At the minimum spending a little time on this and making money is better then doing nothing and wasting you time trying get rich quick scemes. Good luck and Happy writing.


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