There Are Dollars in Blogging

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Believe it or not, blogging provides a new avenue in earning money online. There are dollars in blogging. Not very long ago, blogging had become a legitimate form of money-making business in the internet. People blog for a number of reasons as it grows into popularity every day. Here are some of the tried and tested techniques of how to monetize your blogs and start earning from it.

Google AdSense

Webmasters use Google AdSense in relevance to the content of their blogs. These are advertisements that show up in the middle of your content or anywhere in your blog to promote content-relevant services or products. You can start earning from the clicks made by visitors to these ads. You get referrals out of that and the most referrals you get mean more commissions.

It works with a Google-generated javascript that is inserted into the blog where you want it to be shown. Google provides these ads that related to the blog’s content. This is possible with a keyword matching and context analysis to determine specific ads to be served.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are everywhere. You can find them in almost every webstore you visit. You can register to become a member and start promoting their store and products in your blog. You will generate income as soon as you close sales, leads, or invite traffic to a merchant’s website. In your site, you can create several product pages to promote a specific merchant and use their links to endorse specific products. When site visitors purchase it from your site, you will receive a percentage out of the actual amount you sold. The more products you sell, the more earnings you get.

Product Promotion

Ever notice how most companies use blogs to feature specific products and services? Blogs have served businesses functionality and time efficiency. All you need is quality content to promote these products. This content should be fresh and unique to help rank high in the search engines.

Banner Ads

Other revenues are sourced out from banner ads that you post in your site. If you made big in attracting traffic towards your site, the bigger chances you gain from these banner ads as prospective clients click on them. Banner spaces can also be sold to interested advertisers.

There are many opportunities for internet marketers and bloggers online. You just have to be open to all the possibilities of monetizing it. While blogs serve as a communication tool, it has also proven its worth in terms of cash generation today.


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