Strategies to Earn Money in Blogging

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There are many ways to earn money online. One of those ways is through blogging. It is the most basic thing to do for starters and you can reap its benefits in just a few weeks. In all honesty, it’s not a get-rich-overnight strategy. Like all business, it takes hard work and patience too.

When you blog, be sure you target the right keywords. This will help you rank high on the search engines and you more visitors will visit your site. Site visitors convert sales from your website and this is when you start earning.

To target the appropriate keywords do a research using keyword search tools. You can use Word Tracker, Micro Niche Finder and the most popular of all, the Google keyword search tool. Try to type in a keyword for the product you want to target. It will show how much number of searches is there each month for a particular keyword. You can even look for keyword phrases or long tail keywords from these tools and use them in your blog posts.

When using a particular keyword, be sure to distribute it to the first, middle and last sentence of your paragraphs in your content. It should also appear on your article’s title. This helps a lot when people look it up in the search engines and increases the chances of taking people to your site. A friendly tip to note is to use your keyword phrase once in every 100 words.

From there, look for prospective advertisers. This is the best way to monetize your blog. You can look for products from one of the biggest store online, Amazon. Make several product pages from Amazon that is relevant to your niche. Promote the store with the use of banners and posters to invite visitors to click on it. Every click is equivalent to some points. How much more if you make sales right in your blog? That means more points and commission.

Another technique is to keep your content fresh. Be persistent in blogging. If it needs to write on a daily basis to acquire higher rankings do it. Content is king, so they say. Indeed, content is the foremost factor that takes your site up. You can also promote your site with more content by writing for article submission directories. Article submission directories provide your website with quality backlinks that will certainly pull your site up.


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