Tregembo Animal Park Wilmington NC Travel Tips

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The Tregembo Animal Park is a small zoo located in Wilmington, NC. According to the Tregembo Animal Park website, “Tregembo Animal Park is South Eastern North Carolina’s oldest zoo.” Family owned, this animal park and zoo is situated on Highway 421 or Carolina Beach Road near the intersection of Grand Champion Road in Wilmington, NC. Tregembo is approximately 8 to 10 miles from historic downtown Wilmington.

Recently, as our family often does, we took a quick trip to somewhere. Somewhere ended up being Wilmington, NC. Before we left, we browsed the internet in a hurried, random fashion. We decided on several eclectic activities, one of which was paying a visit to Tregembo Animal Park. On the internet, it can be hard to tell if it is an animal exhibit, park, zoo, or a kid’s petting zoo. I was familiar with the Asheboro Zoo, but not Tregembo. So when we arrived, I was expecting a huge building with state looking signs. My first impression was that of a kiddy petting zoo. I was turned off, but decided to go in with my family. I am so glad I did. Of all the places we visited in Wilmington, NC, I must admit we had the most family fun at Tregembo Animal Park.

Inside we experienced a range of emotions that we all shared as a family. Delight. Respect. Amazement. Laughter. And a new understanding of Tregembo Animal Park. The cages were clean and larger than required standards. The animals were delightful. If you are planning a trip to Wilmington, NC, you must visit.

We wanted to see the white tiger. We visit Myrtle Beach often. They have a white tiger in Myrtle Beach’s Barefoot Landing area that we have never been able to see. The scheduling is chaos and unreliable. To get one picture can cost a small fortune. At Tregembo Animal Park, we got to see the White Tiger. The tiger is a beauty – Well-fed. One of the family members (I’m assuming) named John came out and interacted with the White tiger while we were there. I took several reasonably good pictures with an old digital camera. Take a peek. The White Tiger loved John and when John left, the tiger chased him to the end of the cage. He wanted to play more. Of course, there was some major security fence between them. This white tiger roars like a boat motor cranking up. It is very loud and joyous to hear.

Tregembo Animal Park is a small zoo. There are animals at Tregembo that are endangered or threatened. There are also many exotic animals that are not threatened and many animals that you will not see at the Asheboro Zoo. I was enthralled with a couple of prairie dogs who were constructing and reconstructing the doorway of their home. I watched a long time. Being at Tregembo was relaxing, beautiful and filled with interesting moments.

When you enter Tregembo Animal Park, you will enter a gift shop. At the gift shop, you will pay your entry fee and buy peanuts or corn to feed the animals. Peanuts and corn are only $1 a bag. There are many animals that you will want to feed not because they are under fed but because there is something contagious about all the animals. They make you smile. You’ll want a peanut or corn, trust me. With about 75 species of animals, they have almost everything except a penguin and an elephant. They have a comical giraffe, black panthers, reptiles, an odd exhibit, bears, birds, monkeys and a capybara. Yeah, I didn’t know either. You can look it up by visiting the Tregembo website.

Tregembo Animal Park is located at 5811 Carolina Beach Road, Wilmington, NC 28412. 910-392-3604. They are open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Admission is $10.00 per adult and $6.00 per child (2-11). I have to say the price was very worth it. We really did enjoy ourselves. We seen animals we may never see again and we left feeling assured that these animals are well cared for. You will not regret taking your family to this excellent small zoo and animal park. Children of all ages and adults enjoy Tregembo.

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Tregembo Animal Park, Wilmington, NC


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