Staying Focused on Your Business And Personal Goals

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Be deliberate and aware of what is happening around you and how you are reacting to those interruptions. With these interruptions, which ones can you control and which ones can’t you necessarily control as much.

What is the reason that you have a Home Based Business?

Did you want to get rid of your boss? Make more money? See your children more? Flexibility with work times? Ability to travel more?

It’s a good idea to know exactly why you have decided to be a Home Business Owner? Take is seriously and be professional. You don’t want everything else taking over and you start to feel overwhelmed and crash or give up. This is why before you start a business or right now if you haven’t already done so, that you have a plan. What’s your mission? What are your goals?

TIP: Work ON your business not IN your business. Too many self-employed people are working in their business, if they don’t show up, they don’t get paid, they can’t have holidays, they don’t have any flexibility, they are basically an employee but they are their own boss. Be very very clear in what you are doing and why are you doing it?

You are in BUSINESS

I see so many people who want to have their own Home Based Business, but they really don’t treat it like a Business, it’s more like a hobby. Here’s the kicker – It’s a REAL JOB. Again, I can’t say this enough, plan plan and more planning. Yes, you are going to make mistakes, but that’s the fun of it, you get better and more educated as you go on, but do some thinking and planning first. That doesn’t mean that you plan for months and months and you never start your business. Start your planning, but take action to start your business. You are not in the Home Based Business to play or socialize, leave this for your relaxation time, you are there to make money. To be even clearer on this – YOU are doing this to make MASSIVE amounts of NET PROFIT.

Family and Friends

As much as you love your family and friends, be clear and firm. With your friends or family be clear and firm on what times during the week are not for visiting and explain why, sometimes they just don’t realize that you are running a business, they don’t take you seriously. I had this happen all the time, they think I sit at home and do nothing except play with my 20 month old daughter. They should respect you for your honesty if you tell what it is you need from them.

With your children, explain, keep routines, set up chunks of time for play and work with the smaller children or babies because this works best. Be clear with your children why you are working from home and what you need from them.

The silent time waster

How many times do we spend on reading emails and answering phones……

We often think, there an email come in, I’ll just check it, it won’t take long or the phone rings – that could be such an such, I’ll answer that and it’s someone else and they take up 20 minutes of your time.

From now on with phone and emails, YOU control them!

Set aside times during the day when you will check your emails or take phone calls. Otherwise, you will be distracted and waste a lot of time and energy during the day. There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the day and you realize that you didn’t really get much done except go through your emails or answer calls that most of the time where not really important.

This rings true for mail as well. Set aside a time lot, when you open your mail, go through it all, throw away immediately anything that is not relevant to you. Place filing in the filing tray, accounts in the account tray and the To Do stuff in the TO DO tray.

Be aware of the time taken with these tasks, they can soon take over, and you soon wonder why you are losing productivity.


Here is the big kicker? You don’t have to do it all yourself, there are lots of ways of getting others to do the day to day workload for you for example: employees, contractors, virtual assistants and online workers like elance.

If you are finding that you are spending all your time, packaging up parcels or orders to be sent out, answering phones, attending to emails, adding content to websites, bookkeeping then outsource it. These tasks are non-money making tasks – they don’t make you money. If your business you should be spending your time on MONEY MAKING Tasks – Sales and Marketing. They are the only tasks that actually make you money.

Meetings and Planning

Have regular meetings and look over your plan and ask yourself questions:

How am I going?
How many customers do I have?
How much net profit have I made this month?
What test and measuring have I done?
How much traffic is coming to my websites?
What is the conversion of traffic to buying clients?
How do I stay in contact with my clients?
What do my clients cost to keep?
What are my specific goals?
What are my timeframes?
Did I make the timeframes?
What mistakes did I make?
How did I learn from the mistake?
Would could I do better or differently next time?
What staff do I have or need?
How are they going?
What do they need to run the business better?

These are some important questions that you should be asking yourself and your team at least once a month. I am sure you can come up with a lot more in your business. I know that Meetings and Planning are not money making tasks, but they are important for the future well being on your business and making and keeping net profits.


Stayed Focused
Be Aware
Be Deliberate with your actions
Be Passionate
Be Clear
Take Action
Educate yourself


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