Basic Information About Care of Rooms, Wards And Furnishings

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It is very important to provide clean, attractive and hygienic surroundings for patient to promote a healthy life environment.

The equipment used for Taking Care of Rooms, Wards and Furnishings

  1. Scrubbing Basin or Pail with warm water

  2. Soap

  3. Cleaning and Dusting Cloths

  4. Cleanser

  5. Newspaper to clean mirrors

  6. Brush

Procedure in Daily Care of Room or Bed Unit and Bathroom

  1. Maintain proper lighting and ventilation.

  2. Clean articles not in use and put away in proper place.

  3. Instruct and supervise orderly in cleaning the room (walls and floor).Dust furniture, window ledges, and walls of room using soap and warm water.

  4. Keep drawers clean.See that articles there are in order.

  5. Check all equipment, report those that are missing or out of order.

  6. Keep mirrors clean and free from stains.Use cleaner and newspapers.

  7. Take all flowers to utility room, clean, arrange and return to bedside.

  8. Empty and clean garbage can.

  9. Toilet bowl and lavatory should be cleaned with cleanser and soap daily.Floor mopped with Roccal 1,2500.

Procedure in Cleaning a Room or Bed Unit after the discharge of a patient

  1. Strip bed, pillows, screens, etc.Take all used linen to utility room and empty in laundry bag.

  2. Air room or bed unit well.

  3. Take bath basin, emesis basin, soap dish, to the utility room.Wash well with cleanser, then soap and water.Rinse and dry.Return to proper places.

  4. Remove all unnecessary articles from room or unit.

  5. Mattress: Brush entire mattress, pillows and springs.If it is possible, the mattress is placed under the sun for a few hours.

  6. Dust bed frame, bedside table, cabinet, dressers and drawers, chairs, etc.Leave drawers open for airing for a few hours.Wash bowl and lavatory, etc. thoroughly.

  7. Clean mirrors with cleanser and newspaper.

  8. After cleaning is done, and room has been aired sufficiently, the room is put in order.

Procedure in Cleaning a Room Used by Infectious Cases

  1. Mattress and pillows are brushed and placed under the sun all day.

  2. Care of rubber goods

  3. Enamel wares

  4. The entire room or bed unit including furniture and fixtures are entirely cleaned with soap and water.

  5. The room is aired for twenty-four hours.

  6. The floor is mopped with Roccal 1,2500.

Procedure in Taking Care and Arrangement of Flowers

  1. Take vases of flowers to utility room.Line work table with newspaper.

  2. Wash vase wit soap and water, rinse thoroughly and dry.Fill vase with fresh water.

  3. Wash stems of the flowers, remove wilted leaves and flowers and rearrange in vase.

  4. Clip a little from the stems everyday to prolong the life of the flowers.

  5. Avoid crowding the stems in the vases.You should give them enough space or room.

  6. Keep flowers in a cool place and out of drafts.

  7. Water potted plants daily.See that an old saucer, plate or small tray is kept under a potted plant.

  8. Arrange vases of flowers and plants attractively in the patient’s room.

  9. Flowers from the florist are received at the Information Desk.Then they are delivered to the specified department by the Information Clerk.The nurse receiving the flowers from the clerk signs a slip which is returned by the clerk to the person who delivered the flowers.The nurse is responsible for delivering them to the patient.

  10. Flowers are to be taken directly to the patient before being opened, so that the patient may see contents of box or package.Give the card to the patient, then, arrange flowers in vase or bowl or jar in utility room.If flowers are already arranged in a vase or pot, water if necessary.


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