Leech Therapy Useful in Pimples – Part 2

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           For the preparation, ayurvedic medicines are started 7 (or more depends on severity) days before to main procedure to accumulate the blood impurities. After preparation the main procedure means leech application is performed.

           Whole life of leech is in water. So before application the part should be cleaned with water only. Any type of perfume or scented soap should not be used. Leeches are very sensitive to any type of unnatural scent. Their smell organ is very strong.

           Hold a non poisonous leech from its base side & keep close the mouth end at site of bite. Leech itself start to find the better place for bite. As soon as it’s found leech will straighten & strengthen its mouth. It looks like an arch. After few seconds a feeling of small pricking pain starts which vanishes after 10 minutes. Sometimes it take time to bite so be sure. After the bite it releases a blood thinning factor (in scientific language anti coagulant of blood – “Heparin”) through saliva, which helps leech to suck the blood undisturbed. After an hour it falls down.

           It’s measured as a single sitting of leech therapy. Depends on severity of disease or till desired effect attained such sittings of leech therapy should be performed. Patient will observe the minute differences just after the sitting, but for big it will take 1 month at least.

           Speciality of this small creature is it sucks impure blood & fall down after full stomach, which may take time about one & half hour. Leech bites at tender site with its very tiny teeth can’t seen by naked eyes. The whole procedure is totally safe & septic (free from infection) if performed well. Every leech is for single use. But if well starved for 7 to 15 days, may use for the same person. Normally the scar of bite vanishes totally after 7 days. No trace of scar is remained after 10 days. This is wonderful benefit of this therapy.

           Along with this benefit the skin glows more than previously. Who are suffering from pimples they may try this therapy under an expert Ayurvedic physician. Lots of people in this modern age beleives that ayurveda treatment is not much effective, but this will be best example for them.


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