Motivated by The Mission

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Mission statements serve as a communication tool for most businesses.  The stated mission of an organization or business typically drives its actions and pursuits.  Oftentimes, these mission statements are crafted in alignment with the identified purpose for the organization or business.

What does your mission statement say? How does it read it? Does it motivate you to get things done?

When your mission fails to motivate, you are at risk of failing at your mission.  In such instances, business leaders tend to do two glaring things due to lack of motivational mission statements:

  • They forget their mission statement.  They cannot recite it at the drop of a dime.  They disregard the mission and distance themselves and the business from the mission with every business decision.  They have forgotten the mission.

  • They forsake the mission.  They do not consider it.  They leave it as is and leave it altogether.  They fall into what many in the business community call “mission drift.” They end up doing all sorts of things that have nothing to do with their mission.  They drift further and further away from their mission over time because they have forsaken their mission.

If your mission statement does not motivate you, then you have some serious work on your hands.  Yet, all is not lost.  You can rebound from the realization of a mission statement that lacks motivational qualities with a few simple starting points.

Find Your Mission

You will need to do some real soul searching to find your mission.  It may call for you to actually reflect on what motivated you to start your business in the first place.  It may require you to recall your initial sparks of motivation that convinced you that starting a business was your calling.

Find your inspiration again.  Regain the motivation that you initially experienced in getting started.  Use what you discover as your base for your mission statement.  Jot down the key words and phrases that motivate you to do the work.  These may very well serve as the anchors of activity that formulate your mission statement.

Fulfill Your Mission

Once you find your mission, you need to identify the actions that lead to the fulfillment of your mission.  You find your mission, and then you fulfill your mission.  You fulfill your mission based upon your motivation.  You will need to be so motivated that you will not lose steam after experiencing some challenges that come with entrepreneurship.  That is why it is important to have a motivational mission statement.  When you are down, you can read your mission and regain your fervor to go further.  When you seek support or business financing, you can reference your mission and convey how it motivates you.

Mission fulfillment stems from your motivation.  You need to have a mission that serves as the driving force for your business pursuits.  You need to both buy into and believe in your mission to the point where you take the necessary steps to bring your mission into fruition.  That type of motivation allows you to fulfill your mission.

You need a mission statement that is motivational.  You may not need to scrap your mission or revise it.  You may simply need to revisit your mission statement.  In other cases, it might mean that you need to conduct some tweaks or go as far as an overhaul of the mission statement.  You may need to get back in touch with your stated mission.  Your goal is to find your mission that motivates you and fulfill it with some motivation.


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