My Study of Autocad Drawing – Part 1.

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I’ m an engineer and in my work I need drawing programs.

Some programs I’m using for sketching, some for ilustrating internet file.

But when I need to make some documentation the best is CAD program AutoCAD.

My knowlege with AutoCAD was started on my old 286 procesor PC computer. It was version AutoCAD 10. This program work in MS-DOS system and need very small amount of RAM and Hard Disk. All commads I can write from keyboard.

Times gone. Now I’m working in AutoCAD LT 2008. This is a Windows Like program. Have a new graphical interface and many different function. Windows version use the same commad line commands and icon shortcuts too.

So when you know how autocad work you can still use command in F2 window.

AutoCAD engine is powerfull. You can draw technical documentation, draw some building, schemas or sketchs. Powerfull dimension editor, text editor or line editor help you make a professional documentation.

How to start using this program?

AutoCAD came with simply tutorial. You can learn about how to draw lines, circles, elipse, points, text or other figures. But drawing is only accident in work with AutoCAD.

Sense of using this program is manage documentation styles and layers.

To manage documetation you can use layers, blocks or styles. When you define styles of layers, all elements witch are belongs to layer, can have the same style. Layers are very usefull, because you can use them to store integrated information.

Layers can by showed or not showed, froezen or not frozen, so visible effects depends of setting of layers. This is fundamental task. When an engineer finaly defines layers, he can manage of drawing.

Second powerfull thing in AutoCad are blocks. You can define some standard blocks to speed up your work.

Blocks have the same layers or styles as drawing. They can turn to your drawing new elements. So when you build some blocks you can use them in next work. This very powerfull, beacuse new drawing can be made fast and practical.

Many of engineer colect block in libraries, and use it to make documentation, as fast as possible. For example ready symbols of appliance can speed up drawing of schemas.

Special tool in AutoCAD is precision drawing. You can define line dimension. When you drawing many of geomerty is used. AutoCad defines line as start and end points. So when you drawing line you should to add start point coordinates and end point coordinates. All this thing you are doing by put numbers, not by put mouse possition, so drawing can be very precision.

It is time for practise

1.  Your First command

line [Enter]

0,0 [Enter]

100,0 [Enter]

You drawn horizontal line 100 points long.

As you see this is simple way to work precision drawing. Tray to draw vertical line from point 100,0. 

That all for this first lesson.


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