Dream Big Dreams

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Dream Big Dreams

Having the ability to dream big dreams and encouraging others in achieving their big dreams is humanity at its best.

Never be afraid to dream big dreams. Be bold and allow your thinking to get way out there. Take a step outside of the norm, where most people fear to tread. I should caution you though, that this time of dreaming big is not yet the time to share with others. There are people who have a tendency to be dream stealers-thieves who shoot down and attack other people’s goals, passions, and possibilities. You certainly don’t need that kind of interference in the beginning.


What is a big dream?

Is a big dream something abstract, a fantasy that provides entertainment but has no basis in reality? Or, is a big dream the seed of one’s future?

Children dream big, but as they grow into adults, they are taught to think in practical terms. Common advice well meaning adults give to young people about determining their careers is to get training in a skill which is increasing in demand. Well meaning advisors promise young people, if they have a skill that is in demand, they will always have a job.

The trouble is, to simply have a job that pays the bills is not good enough. Human Beings are better than that, and society – the human race – deserves and desperately needs so much more. It needs a population that brings forth their inborn gifts – their natural innate talents that live in the dream world.

Every one of us is a mother, father, son or daughter – and we all have dreams – big and small. Unfortunately, too many of us keep these dreams to ourselves because we fear what others might say. My point in writing this is to say it’s OK to dream and dream big and talk about your dreams so that others are inspired to dream big too. What a world we would have if everyone did this!

You see dreams can do wonders for you. When you believe in your dreams, they take on a life of their own. Now you start dreaming up things to do to make your inspiration a reality. More dreams , more inspiration, then more dreams and a few more. Then one morning you wake up and the dream has come true.

Dream… dream big dreams about your great life to come. I’m heading out toward my next one, how about you?


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