Why do I Write?

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I booted my desktop and sat on chair, a snap thought flashed in my mind why do I write? I pondered and found there are very many reasons why I write. Of course I agree, the reasons may be quite personal to me and may be of in general which perhaps suits to anybody else as well. I am not a professionally inclined writer who writes either for fame or for money. When I look back at my life in the last 20 years or so, I see a lot of things have happened consciously or subconsciously. I wonder did I ever question to me for what I am doing or where my life is leading to. Now today when I sit and think I find that I have been living a life of mental slave. Yes physically though I am a free man, my every act action and activity was being governed by something. This something was perhaps my family, or the society or the system. The whole circus of routine life seemed to achieve nothing but the bread and butter, to get a job and get married. Was that the final achievement of whole life? I realize that this happened not only to me but all people around me are flowing like this. They don’t know exactly what do they want? For small-small purposes and ambitions people are living like ants and tigers oblivion of fact that they have been the slaves of society and system. They did because their system forced them. I go to office at 9 o clock and return to home at 5 pm not because I want to do so but because I have to do so under compulsion of society norms where if I have to fill my belly I have to work for them. I understand that I don’t realize the real significance of my work but still I do it. I was a compelled mental slave who worked for others on the pretext of filling my belly without realizing the real purpose of my life.

Basically, whole life all of us are driven by current instead of wading through the waves. The moment we realize what I am doing is that what I wanted to? The entire system of slavery crashes and we get rid of our shackles. This becomes the state we call ourselves liberal and move on in life at our choice without worrying about regular breakfast and bed. And then we really see the natural dawn and sink into the abysmal, beautiful nature. Here is the time then that we start our real journey and move on with a purpose that has no customs no rules and no guidelines. Here from begins the way towards real joy, the eternal bliss and achieving the ultimate. There may not be a visibly solid distant goal but the movement and journey itself becomes the matter of fact and joy comes out of it spontaneously. We do whatever we want to and there are no orders.

The sense of being lost in fool’s paradise and to be in actual bliss is what fluttered inside me and I thought I must convey this truth to my mates. I think that the writers are the leaders in this realization about the beautiful facts of life. They understand the difference between illusion and facts better than anybody else because to jot down something they undergo troughs and heights of thoughts and finally come out with real essence. To be a professional writer or to write with materialistic purpose is although a deviation from the realistic move towards life, I feel that given chance, they too understand import of life in true sense. Once a writer sits to write something, his real inner sense motivates him and guide his pen. For a writer the relationship between brain and heart is opposite to that what exists in other professionals. In any other profession brain dominates heart and heart takes a back sit while in writers profession the passion that perhaps is churned out of heart takes control over brain. Brain gives ideas and guidance but the decisions are made by heart which a true writer wants to express.  

Writing gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts and emotions with people who have similar orientation towards life and also to them who are lost in day to day illusions of a confused life. I feel that if more and more people are coming to such interface where we write and read each other, the possibility of bringing a change in society will be more realistic. I am also apprehensive that such interfaces perhaps target to a limited sect of people who are interested in reading and writing but given dedicated interest this will also influence the circles of writers and readers who are no-writers and nonreaders. In the writers circles also some people are misguided about the truth of life so I hope to instill a bit of my understanding about life to them as well. 


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