When Will Nostradamus Prophecy Come True?

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With the terror threatening more chaos and financial instability, many believe we are approaching the end time, negative equity making a mockery of the housing market, education slipping and sliding, peoples health deteriorating, there are less scientific exploration, but more technological development adding questions about our advancement, and still more terror to alarm us when we hear of war and rumors of war, it begs the question, that many are asking, are we living in the last day?

It is not a question that can easily be answered, not while there is so much good still left in the world to live for, although we must stay alert and keep watch, because unfortunately, there are still people about who would want to bring about a swift end to life on earth, they are better known as terrorist.

Global warming increasing anxieties, nuclear threat growing at rapid pace, human nerves are fraying and coming to the end of their tether. People in developing countries are asking western countries the all-important question, are we living in the last days? One gospel songwriter said, “These are the days of Elijah”. But these are also unprecedented days of testing.

We see many families are unable to provide a good education for their children, due to the rise in university fees, and the unemployment situation is creating a deeper rift of severe uncertainty, the world economy has gone into decline, and some countries are asking for a bailout program. Disputes continue to rise between international nations over trade and arms. Yet there is hope, we can be assured from the scriptures that God is very much in control, and at no time has he ever lost control.  

As we look around us, it doesn’t take much to see what is happening, the break down in morals, the lack of respect and love shown to each other is contributing to our downfall, and we badly need a rescue package, and I would go as far as to say, what we really need is love, and this love covers a multitude of sins.

More disgraceful incidents are growing fearfully alarming around the world, sensitive areas almost on a daily basis, are seeing these signs, you would think that more people than ever should be preparing for the next coming event that will bring about the climax to human history, and the restoration of paradise regained.

Nostradamus, the French prophet had put peoples teeth on edge with his daunting predictions for the future, and in particular how he described the end time days, events witness by you and I are not only mention by Nostradamus quatrains, but the Bible also pinpointed to the desolation and possible the war on terrorism, like clouds without water, blowing boisterous as the raging waves of the sea.

When will Nostradamus prophecy come true?

Earth is under attack by pestilence in diver’s places, unpredictable signs in the heavens, the love of many good citizens turning cold, deception appearing on all fronts, and the present day intolerable behavior is a social acceptable condition; people today are more interested in the mystical star signs, than their own relationship with spouses. The prophecy will come true during the generation that will decline from faith in God.

The alignment of solar planets in the grand cross shape and astrological movements with enchanting prospect is captivating the imagination of people right across the globe.

According to the a reliable source, namely the book of the bible, the end time will be categories by a series of mysterious happening, signs in the heavens, vapor, fire and smoke, Jesus in his discourse on the mount of Olives, made mention of the perplexity that will encompass the world as a snare.

The tribulation will bring satanic deception on a broader scale, people will run to and fro and many shall be deceived, following after false religion, and cunning tricks of the devil. There will also be strange accuracies and mysterious happenings are all part of the end time program, which is gathering speed, and bringing the church nearer to perfection. But many will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrine of the Devil and situation will heed to more ungodliness.


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