This Year's Grammy Cuts

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This year’s Grammy Awards had witnessed some of the biggest makeover in its history with many of the awards categories cut out. Since the Grammys’ were established almost 109 awards have been handed out in a single ceremony and the last year being 78 alone. According to the Academy boss, Niel Portnow, it is important to leave out some of the categories to make the Grammys relevant and exciting for the music industry.

The cuts have been made across all musical genres, with Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals, the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance being mixed together forming Best Pop Solo Performance. The same goes for the rock, R&B, and country categories. There is also overall less separation between male and female awards. But what remain untouched by these cuts are the top four awards of Record, Album, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist.

It is better this way that the Grammys did not have a long ceremony and saved time for the people. The shows that had been put over the years have always been tiring and something about which one has to properly make a decision to watch by taking time out and leaving other important stuff. Now, one does not have to do this. It is one of the best decisions taken by the Academy. I hope that more of such decisions would not only improve their viewer ratings but would also add to their credibility as a recognising body for musical talent in the American music industry.

The music talent that is not recognised by the industry often should be given a platform through these awards ceremonies to at least showcase their talents once, and not bring on the old faces again and again. After all what is the purpose of this biggest musical ceremony, if it does not support the new talent. So making one category dedicated to the newcomers is certainly not the only answer, but a chance of a performance and a chance of then making it big should also be guaranteed through such awards shows. But none the less, the show is for entertainment and for passing time only. Not a stuff to be taken seriously.


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