Dierks Bentley-The Most Underated Country Artist

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Dierks bentley broke onto the nashville seen  when he was 19 years old. Dierks bentley reared from phoneix,AZ with a passion to play music(and that he does). Dierks starting picking on the guitar in his early teens with early influences such as hank williams jr. and the Del Mcoury Band. When dierks got to nashville, he had it hard because during those days nashville was still drowning in cowboy hats and tight jeans. Dierks took his country/bluegrass/rock sound  to capitol records. In 2003 capitol records released dierks bentleys self titled album. Which spun out songs such as “what was I thinking”, “Wish it would Break”, and more.

This album was awesome turn around in sound and song writing coming out of nashville, and it rocked. The next album, “Modern day drifter” proved to be even better in my opinion and millions others. With songs like “Lot of leaving left to do” and ” come a little closer” Dierks proved himself among nashvilles most elite song writers and no one on earth can sing those songs like dierks. Those songs were born to come out of his mouth. If you put the “modern day drifter” in your cd player and dont start tapping your foot and singing along with the songs and become absolutely hooked on his music, then I would definitely consider where your music listening talents lie. The next Album “Long trip alone” rocked out songs like “every mile a memory” and “Free and easy” proving that dierks aint scared to crank up the amps to bend some guitar strings like he does on “every mile a memory”.

You got to like a guy to stand out and rock out country music. He does it because he loves it and he is good at it. My dad always taught me that if you love doing something then your going to be good at it. Well it definitely proved true in dierks case. Throw all those songs together and now you have an awesome greatest hits album. Which was fan produced I might add. Now, the reason that I say Dierks is so underated is because I have spent a lot of time in different states with the radio blaring and very seldom can I hear a dierks song on the radio during the day. Instead the air play is going to teen acts such as taylor swift and carrie underwood. Dierks was once known as the hardest working man in country music and still is. So, what is up with the air play??

I get so sick of hearing the same old pop/country sensation songs on the radio because they are being marketed because of their popularity and looks and not the sound. Dierks actually cares about what his music says and sounds like and what it says. Come on america, Lets bring back the real reason we listen to music anyway. Because it sounds good, not because of how pretty her dress is or popular she is. Dierks Bentley came on the seen rocking it out and he still is. Dierks if your listening, you do have a devoted following, so keep tearing it up!


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