The Internet And The Lure of Fast, Easy Money Online

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The Internet is a huge place and most people love to say that they make a lot of money.  Some do and some do not.  It is not so much that you can tell one from the other, but here are a few examples of the lure of easy money which can be found, and which, in the end needs to be avoided.

Example # 1:

You go to a website and you find a lot of advertisements, say from Google AdSense or Chickita, or Kontera or or even eBay.  The content, or whatever you might like to see as content, is really filler.  This is usually found like this:

“I made X dollars (insert a huge number here) in 24 hours, and I did it with this website.  This is such an awesome website… click here to read more on how I did it.”

With this sort of a website, the chances are high that the person promoting this website is in fact promoting two things: a referral link found on the click here link, and the fact that most people see dollar signs and stop thinking, and will then click on the “get rich quick” adverts that they have.

You are not getting rich quick; they have lured you into getting them rich quick.  There are fewer and fewer of these sorts of websites, where the person is lured by the idea that they too can do this.  The keywords are there– the magic keywords of “fast easy money”

Example #1 Needs to be avoided at all cost.  If they have made money on this site, then so can you, go to that site and read the fine print and sign up. 

Example #2:

This example is more subtle, it is the website where they spend most of their time telling you how to “do something.”  That something however is not directly mentioned within that page, but has you again “clicking” here to see more of the website that they have worked on.

It looks something like this “I was linking on X site and I found some great information, but if you head to this blog post I can tell you more about it.  I tried it out and filling you in on this post.”

The person is then moved from one page to another, with more details given until they get to the point that the person is after them buying something.  This is the more common lure since most Internet searchers are curious by nature.

The point that this one gets you to is buying a book that they wrote or getting your email so that you will be sent more “test offers.”

Both examples will do something for both the website owner and you, one will make money and the other will spend money.  Now, this is not to suggest that you avoid all offers, but rather be aware that there is really only one way to amke money online with any sort of pay-per-click programs and that is good old fashioned work.

No one said it would be easy, but as people who want to make money online, we would all love to have that money faster. If you do makret your work on the Internet there are many ways you can do this with out spending a lot of money or falling for these sorts of traps.  You can make money with Google AdSense, and other pay-per-click programs, but you will make it like every one else, with work.


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