The Parts of The Project Plan

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Starting to make a project involves creating a project plan which will serves as guide to the entire project-making process.

It is important to make a plan first before doing a particular project. Planning is done to be able to figure out how the project is done as well as what could be the materials that will be going to be prepared and its total cost.

Planning in doing a project involves creating a Project Plan. A Project Plan is composed of many different parts namely; the objective, the name of the project, the design of the project, the materials, tolls and equipments, the procedures and the evaluation. A project should be presented in an outline form to make it in order.

An Objective is the main goal of the project that needs to be accomplished. The specific objective could have the skills, principles, or good work habits that are developed in the process in creating the project. In some objectives, the intentions why the project is made are also added.

The Name of the Project of course is the title or the original name of the project to be made with the design specifications.

The Design of the Project is usually presented in a drawing or sketch, with the design as well as the color of the item or project that is going to be made. The project design serves as the interpretation or visualization how the project will look like when it is finish.

The Materials, Tools and Equipments usually present the quantity and the descriptions of materials, its unit cost as well as the material’s total cost. In here, the individual cost of every materials that were being used should be included as well as the projects total cost. The tools and the equipments that are used are also presented.

The Procedure is the step by step presentation on how the project is created, from the beginning up to the end of the construction process. It should clearly state the construction processes, how the project is being done until the project is finish.

The Evaluation is the assessment made to rate or evaluates the output or the project’s finish product. In this part, the teacher will state the judgment if the project is worth or not.

To be able to figure out how the project should be made, it is very important to work for a project plan before doing a project. (uboxes review)


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