Speech is Silver, Silence is Gold

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Our ancestors taught us—speech is silver-silence is gold. But, I feel suffocated without speaking.   All of us prefer to talk than to  be quiet.  It is, rather impossible, to sit quietly.  We vote for silver!  True to the fact that silence is also essential for different kinds of situations in life. 

I knew a case of a rich man continuously speaking and bothering a psychoanalyst in the yester years.

As we all know,  psychoanalyst in the West is a highly paid professional.  Only rich can afford hiring a psychoanalyst,  paying hundreds of dollars per hour. So, regularly our rich man talks on the couch and the psychoanalyst listens, but there is a limit.  The rich man was driving the psychoanalyst mad, narrating every day the same story.  Since payment is high and he is the best client in terms of dollars, the Psychoanalyst could not stop him.

Finally, the Psychoanalyst thought of a plan and told the rich man-“Because of you, I could  not see my other patients.  A simple device will be very helpful:  I will leave my  recorder with you.  You talk to my  recorder  as long as you want, and in the night  I will listen to whatever you have said to the  recorder, more silently, more attentively than I can in the clinic, because I am worried about other patients who are waiting.”  The rich man immediately agreed.

The Psychoanalyst was not thinking that he would agree so easily.  The next day  when he was entering the clinic, the rich man was coming out.  The Psychoanalyst said, “What is the matter? Where are you going?  What about today’s session?”

The rich man said, “The session is over, because I have also worked out a plan: in the dark night, in the silence, without any disturbance from you and your presence , I talk to my  recorder.  Now my recorder is on the couch talking to your recorder.  Why should I waste my time?”  With a grin, the rich man left the clinic.

We need someone to listen to our woes and respond which will certainly dilute the density of the situation.

So,  speaking  and listening are two equal parts to complete the circle. 


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