No Ordinary Family a New TV Series

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There is a new TV series and it is still on season 1 and I don’t know if there will be a season 2 of it because right now I just read in Wikipedia that “ABC has yet to announce either a renewal or cancellation. I hope it will not be canceled. So we will be hearing more news about it in this coming months. 

In case you haven’t seen the TV series that I mentioned “No Ordinary Family” then a few overview about it. So I think Wikipedia and IMDB had said more about the TV series but I will explain it in my own terms. As far as I can remember in the pilot episode the family – the Powell, had decided to have a vacation somewhere in South America I think. I am sure it is somewhere it South America because the plane that Powell boarded crash landed on the Amazon river. The Powell were Mr Jim and Mrs. Stephanie; their daughter Daphne and son JJ. They managed to survived the plane crashed somewhere in the Amazon river. After that they had superpowers like super strength and super speed. Mr Powell had a super strength and Mrs. Powell got a super speed. You might wonder what the daughter and the son acquired. Mrs. Stephanie Powell was a research scientists and she was curious about how she and her other family got her super abilities and thus she research about it with the help of her co-worker Katie. I can say that Katie was really adorable and she is a great cast. 

The pilot episode was really great and I am curious on how much was the budget of it but why bother to know. We are in it for the show and not for the budget but if we want to know then search for it. Somehow the super abilities reminded me of the Heroes TV series. The pilot episode is where it all starts and try watching it and you might get the hang of it. Don’t ever think of going to Amazon river and expect to have a super power. This is just a fiction where it is not true but how some wish to have a super abilities. 


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