Accelerated Nursing Schools – The Basic Guidelines

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One of today’s most sought-after professions is nursing. Over the past few years, the demand for more health care workers, particularly nurses, never ceased. Having been aware of this, the academic institutions have sought for ways to further develop and improve the quality of nurses they produce. Also, they have devised innovative changes to the programs of study for aspiring nurses. Nowadays, there are accelerated nursing schools which offer fast-track nursing courses that help provide the needed number of nurses all over the globe.

Accelerated nursing is one of the most in-demand courses in a number of colleges and universities nowadays. Due to the great number of individuals who wants to enroll, schools usually set strict qualifying requirements. Even the curriculum was designed to be strictly followed to make sure that they produce nurses that are compliant to today’s standards and can handle problems in actual situations.

Some schools require their applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree from any other course. Others only necessitate credited units in biology or some other course related to it namely nutrition, human growth and development, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology. Physics, chemistry and statistics would also do. Nevertheless, criteria would actually depend on the school itself.

The fundamentals of nursing are the focus of programs in accelerated nursing schools. These would include physiology, biology, anatomy, pharmacology, and basic health care. Fast-track nursing is made possible by teaching students the fundamentals accompanied by actual application immediately at hospitals. There, licensed doctors and nurses supervise the performance of the students. Using this setup, theories are more easily comprehended especially because it is applied in real-time situations.

Noting the short duration of time, trainings in accelerated nursing schools are expected to be more rigid. Try to imagine that in just a matter of 11 to 13 full-packed months, you get to finish a course which is usually three years long. This would entail substantial amount of working loads at hospitals and medical centers and longer hours spent in class for discussions. So it is important that you are physically and mentally ready. Despite of the large amount of time you will spend on internship, keep up to date with your lessons. You should learn how to balance and manage your time appropriately.

Accelerated programs in nursing are really of great advantage to the students and even to patients. This could satisfy the needs for more nurses. Others who have graduated some other field of study who want to pursue nursing can take much advantage with the speeded up pace of lessons in these kinds of program.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is not the only course available at accelerated nursing schools. They also have MSN or Master of Science in Nursing which commonly takes three years to be accomplished.

Nurses are proven to have a stable job condition, pay very well and are in demand all around the globe. If you want to be nurse at a shorter period of time, enroll yourself to any of the accelerated nursing schools today.


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