People Become Successful Due to Their Hard Work or Sole Luck

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People become successful for many reasons. In my view, talent, hard work, patience, determination and luck are contributory to the success of an individual; however, the order of importance of these four factors may vary from person to person, circumstance to circumstance.

It is undeniable that talent is the precursor making you easily recognized by the public at your early life. A small child may gain a lot of publicity when taking part in a movie and bringing success to it. For instance, the precocious Kulay Kukin who became celebrated at the age of 5 in the film “Staying at home alone” thanks to his excellent performance that hardly a peer could parallel.

However, the talent is not enough for a long-term success and that assiduity and patience help here. Without endless hours of vigorous training, a talented swimmer is unable to achieve the world record. Facts have shown that such famous tennis stars like Martina Hengis have devoted most their life to practice. In such a competitive field, they can be constantly surpassed and their fame endangered if their performance slightly wanes. To sustain it, there is no better answer than the motto “practice makes perfect”. The doze to feed their eagerness to train themselves for days and nights is determination and risk-taking. Deep down in those people who yearn for success, they know if they want to obtain hard-to-achieve things, they are expected to taste even complete failure since there is no fixed way to success.

Talent, assiduity and determination do not guarantee an absolute success and that is why luck is needed. Luck is not the most important factor bearing success, but the end one determining the trial of a person. For example, it is by luck that the scientist Newton who has talent, experience one day discovered the law of attraction and gravity when observing a falling apple. Or a hard-working talented boxer in a cursory moment of distraction may lose his long-dreaming gold medal to his opponent.

In the final analysis, to attain the success, these stated factors are expected to be in line with each other. Such credentials as assiduity and determination are established foundations to ensure a long-term accomplishment while talent and luck are respectively preconditions and end catalysts.


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