How To Make A Homemade Flea Trap and Rid Your Home Of Fleas

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Getting infested with fleas is no small feat to overcome but a homemade flea trap can definitely help. Your pet is put through misery and so are you! Not only will they be subjected to being bitten by fleas constantly but some pets just abhorr baths and you can find yourself bathing them constantly for weeks to eradicate your flea problem. You can spend hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours trying to vacuum the fleas, flea bath the pets and deal with combing the pets to check for fleas.  Here’s something you can do to cut down your efforts substantially.

Make a Homemade Flea Trap

  1. Use a lamp on the floor with a high wattage lightbulb (remove lamp shade)
  2. Below the lamp, place a a shallow white dish
  3. Fill the dish with original blue Dawn dishsoap and water
  4. Watch for fleas to jump in and drown to death

Not only will the light and the warmth from the light draw them in but the water and dishsoap will drown them.  You can set up many of these flea traps throughout your house.  Because fleas are drawn to light and warmth you may find that you catch many of them.

You’ll need to do several things in order to remove fleas from your house.

Flea Removal

1. Bath your pet often. Only use flea shampoo as the bottle recommends but you can also bathe them in Dawn Dishsoap and comb fleas from them more often.

2. Spray your rugs with pesticide (safely according to the spray’s directions)

3. Sprinkle Borax on your rug and leave for a day and then vacuum (be cautious about pets and children around the substance)

4. Comb fleas out of your pet regularly with a flea comb. Have a bowl of water and soap solution nearby to drown the fleas.

5. Feed your pet items that deter fleas such as Brewer’s yeast and organic Apple Cider Vinegar . Fleas also hate tea tree oil which shouldn’t be consumed but can be put on their skin. (Don’t use it on cats as it can be toxic if ingested by self-grooming animals.) and several essential oils put on their skin or their collar can help, too.

The flea trap will help catch fleas that are infested in your home but dilligence is required as you can have flea eggs that can take months to hatch.  Check your pet regularly even after you have eliminated the problem and you may need to treat your pet proactively with a vet’s injection or a spot treatment. You’ll also want to consider treating the perimeter of your house as well.

Fleas can be a nightmare once you get infested but carefully and constantly following these tips will help you overcome this problem


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