Toronto District List – Distillery Neighbourhood

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Located just east of Central Toronto, the Distillery District displays remarkable history in addition to having a National Historic Site status. The foundation of the Gooderham and Worts Distillery in 1832 is tied with its foundations. In the end, it became the principal distillery in the British Empire, covering roughly speaking 52ha and making millions of litres of distilled whiskey and spirits during the 1800s. Instantaneously after being closed, the District developed into one of the most used filming spots in Canada and persists to be used that way. In 2001 a Toronto company purchased the acreage with the hopes of retaining its historical significance while in the meantime offering a distinctive new location to the people who live in Toronto and also to visitors. The Distillery District was unveiled in the year 2003 being made into an amazing pedestrian-only community. The District is observed to be one of the country’s premier arts, culture and entertainment travel goals – a location filled with inspiration and imaginative people.

If you’re looking for a wide range of restaurants, coffee bars and a chic shopping district, the historic location is exactly what you have been looking for. In the Distillery, you can pay a visit to plenty of art galleries and artists’ studios that present works made by Torontonian artists, Canadian artists, but also artists from around the world. There is also scores ofadmirable performing arts venues. Strolling through the pedestrian-only village, you’ll find shopping at the Distillery a entirely different experience than shopping in any other shopping district. Forget about franchises, chains or traditional mall stores; notice some of Toronto’s top, most interesting, and prize-winning stores, shops and boutiques that offer exceptional goods and stuff imported from a vast number of places abroad. Can you picture a better location in the city of Toronto to get something original for yourself, your home or your friends and family?

Try one of numerous fast-food restaurants or dine in a first-class restaurant tasting outstanding local and international cooking at the Distillery. Whatever are your preferences, you’ll come across only the best in fine and unplanned dining. When it comes to the character you like better, no trade-offs are in need; you’ll get what you wish in one of the prize-winning restaurants in the zone. When it starts to get warmer outside, you can enjoy your food on one of the numerous acclaimed verandas. Learn more about Distillery District!


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