Atlantic International Partnership – Investment Research: Due Diligence And Analysis

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It is of the utmost importance that due diligence is in place as it’s a way of making sure that no harm comes to all parties involved. All transactions must be fair and unbiased. We make sure a prospective investment opportunity undergoes a disciplined approach to due diligence. We want to ensure that any transactions made have a solid foundation to build success on.

Our experience in early-stage investing has shown us just how critically important it is to have a rigorous due diligence process before we enter into any kind of partnership deal with another party. Atlantic International Partnership, Madrid has a team dedicated to making sure that any investment opportunity for our individual or institutional investors has undergone a thorough program of analysis. Our team thoroughly reviews a prospective portfolio of companies books and will compile a detailed summary of said company’s assets, all with the aim of providing a realistic picture of a prospective investments worth.

 AIP Madrid uses the most sophisticated methods when it comes to research. Without exception all prospects must undergo vigorous research before we will consider any form of investment. Time has shown that this attitude is key to our success, a record we can be proud of, one that could not have been attained without our team and their excellent techniques.

It is imperative that no corners are cut, even in the face of the best possible presentation we will still insist upon the full assessment of a prospective company. Our success has been achieved through this level of perseverance. Our team will conduct consultations with the senior managers and directors of a prospective investment, we take a comprehensive look at market potential and use the latest scientific methods and research tool available.

All information is collected together for analysis, results must attain a certain benchmarks for us the ascertain whether a business has potential or not. With our methods we can be sure to distance ourselves form any emotional reactions to a product or presentation, everything we do to asses a potential investment opportunity is based on concrete facts and figure, not just talk and hot air.

AIP has a risk management program developed to help everyone from our highly valued individual investor and institutional investors to insurance companies. We help to identify, manage and understand levels of risk by providing the advice and results of our analysis of prospective investment opportunities. We look at all aspects of a prospect, the products, operations, management and work force.

Products and companies which are unsafe, environmentally unfriendly or an exploiter of resources and workforce can all substantially reduce any investments prospect of hitting goals and targets set out by the investor. In these volatile economic times, reliable information is crucial. Our due diligence program identifies all manner of technical strengths and weaknesses in our potential investments. This is solely designed to help our clients make the right decisions.

Additionally, AIP will conduct an independent assessment of the social and environmental impact of all prospective investment opportunities. AIP offers the kind of information businesses and investors can trust. We aim to provide the very best we can when it comes to consumer product quality assurance testing, inspection and factory auditing.


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