Ace Gentle Stain Remover Product Review

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I was unable to buy my usual brand of washing liquid which always gets rid of the stains in my laundry so I bought a cheaper brand and spotted this on offer so decided to give it a go. The bottle came with 100% extra free so this was more of an incentive for me to try it. I also feel that with the summery weather on its way I want my boys school tops to look clean and white and not have any nasty marks on. I really did have high hopes for this stain remover.


The stain remover comes in a green plastic bottle which has a cut out handle shape at the side. On the front we have a nice bright colourful label which contains the product name and the fact that this is approved by woolmark. On the back we have the directions for use and product information.

The top of the bottle is green plastic and screws off easily. There is a large funnel part which sits on the inside of the lid which doubles up as a measuring cap.


It is simple to use this stain remover. For a normal sized load of washing which is only lightly soiled then half a capful is to be used but for more stained clothes then one cap full is recommended. Personally I always use one capful in my load as I know it will fully remove all the stains this way and not result in me having to re wash anything. The liquid is to be poured over the clothes inside the drum of the machine and not added to the soap dispenser. If you are using this for a hand wash then only 10ml of the liquid is needed.

The liquid does have a faint scent which I find quite pleasant, it is hard to exactly describe what it smells like but to me it reminds me of a light washing powder. The smell is not noticeable on clothes when they have been washed.

I have used this on clothes which has grass stains on (from my boys not me!) and ketchup and everyday school pen and paint and have always found the stains fully come out with no effort needed. Using this in my washing has had no effect on the way the clothes look or feel after being washed apart from the fact they look exceptionally clean. I have found that when bleaching whites in the past they have dried and felt quite stiff but this is not the case with this.

I do find that when having white clothes which have a lot of stains, for example baked beans and ketchup I tend to give them a small soak. To do this I fill the sink with warm water and add half a cap full of the liquid into the water. I leave the clothes soaking for about 5 minutes and when I return I am easily able to rub gently at the stain and it fully comes out of the clothes. I have found this is very effective for keeping whites clean and crisp looking. They then only need a quick wash after doing this.

No one in my family have had any effects on their skin from me using this stain remover on the clothes. My hubby does has sensitive skin and it has not affected him at all. I think this is gentle enough to use in every wash on all types of clothes and you can then always guarantee clean stain free clothes.


The bottle size which I have is 2 litres but mine has 100% extra free so the normal bottle size is 1 litre. Depending on how often and how much you use in your wash will determine how long a bottle lasts you. I have been using mine for nearly 3 weeks now and still have a quarter of it left.

There are some warnings on the bottle and these include:-

  • do not mix with detergent in the same dosing ball or in the detergent draw

  • if accidentally spilt then mop up immediately

  • keep away from babies and small children

  • wash hands after use

  • do not expose to direct sunlight

  • do not use on carpets or on dry clean only products

  • causes irritation to skin and eyes if not used correctly

  • do not mix with bleach

The product ingredients fro those wishing to know are:-

5-15% oxygen based bleaching agents, <5% anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants, phosphonates, perfumes, benzyl salicylates, butylphenyl metylpropional, hexyl. Cinnamal.

The packaging is fully recyclable.


I was lucky enough to get my bottle with 100% extra free for just £1. I have noticed since in  Tesco that the standard sized bottle is only £1 still. It is widely available from all supermarkets and is usually around the same price. I have not noticed this in any of out pound shops or discount shops but for the £1 price tag this is no loss.


I am more than happy to give this stain remover a high recommendation. It cleans clothes well and removes even the toughest stains. I feel the use of hand washing is a bonus as it means I can ensure my whites are sparkling and my boys do not go to school looking like tramps. This stain remover is definitely worth trying for the price tag. The full 5 stars from me.


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