Why Obama Can't Lead

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“It appears that while President Obama is capable of reading the script – he has little understanding of the actual words.” – Ulsterman

And the reason for this? They are not HIS words! The man is incapable of original thought, or of having a researched, weighed and thought through, logically formed opinion.

The reason for this is simple – he is too damned lazy to do the heavy lifting himself that real, patriotic leadership and statesmanship requires.

God gave the man the brains to do the job; he just refuses to apply himself. His narcissism – that feeling of anointment received from winning the Presidency, was all that was needed to make him feel ultimate personal fulfillment. His ego will no longer allow him to get his hands dirty in such trivial matters as making hard decisions and writing, rehearsing, and delivering his own words, from his own heart and head.

His words are no longer his ideas and perspective, but those who have won the power struggle inside the White House, namely Valerie Jarrett and Michell Obama – one overtly pro- radical Islam, the other a bigot with a chip on her shoulder about most things Caucasian dating back to Plymouth Rock.

In this administration, The Cabinet and The Joint Chiefs are kept out of tho loop, their opinions not welcomed. Vice President Biden sits at home at Blair House hoping the phone will ring. There is now an adversarial relationship with Congress, on both sides of the aisle. 

Certainly great leaders delegate, but they also lead. Obama continues to do neither. He just reads whatever the teleprompter scrolls, having no interest in who wrote it, or the consequences, reasoning that as long as the words come out of his mouth, they will suffice for the moment. 

While I applaud Ulsterman and his White House Insider, anyone who has been paying attention can see that Obama is just a talking head; a speech maker who contradicts himself often, and is completely disengaged from his presumed roll of leader of the free world, much less the Democratic Party.

The man couldn’t care less. He prefers to simply look in the mirror each day and say to himself, “Well Done, Barry! You pulled it off! Yes sir, you are the Man!


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