Mike Starr – Lost in The Glitz And Glamour of Success, Fame And All Its Glory

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Mike Starr, best known as the original bassist for the band, ‘Alice in Chains’ was found dead on Tuesday in a Salt Lake City home.  He was only 44 years old.

Mike played with the band, ‘Alice in Chains’ from 1987 until 1993 and became one of the most successful acts of that time. They enjoyed massive hits and successes via record sales and radio play in the ‘grunge rock movement’ of the early 1990s. It is the same era when many saw rise of the legendary grunge band ‘Nirvana’ of Kurt Cobain amongst their many other peers such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Tad and Screaming Trees. 

Shortly after the death of lead singer Layne in 2002, the band reunited for a benefit concert featuring guest musicians in 2005 on the song “rooster.”  The band asked the vocalist, William Duvall for ‘Comes With the Fall’ to sing with them and it was while touring with William that they eventually recorded a new album called, ‘Black Gives Way to Blue’ in 2009.  The record reached gold status and received rave reviews for a band which seemed to be doomed much after the death of its lead singer.

In January 2010 Mike Starr featured in the VH1’s third season of ‘Celebrity Rehab’ going public with his year’s long drug addiction.

It was during this ‘Celebrity Rehab’ show, that he voiced the real reason for his exit from the band in 1993 while touring for the album ‘Dirt.’ He clarified that his exit was not the result of him resigning but that he was actually kicked out of the band due to his ever increasing dependency on drugs. 

Mike however seemed to have been unsuccessful in kicking the habit on the reality show and was unable to overcome his addiction. Just last month he was arrested in Salt Lake City on an outstanding warrant related to an earlier drugs charge however in addition he was charged on suspicion of felony possession of unauthorized prescription medications a.k.a controlled substances.  The Salt Lake City cops say that he had 6 Opana and 6 Xanax pills (painkiller) on him when he was busted.

Among much of band’s famous album of Alice in Chains are We Die Young (1990), Facelift (1990), Sap (1992), Dirt (1992).

The Salt Lake City police have ruled out foul play as a reason of his death. Further investigation is impending however suspicions looms whether his death is a result of drug overdose.

Friends and family have taken to the social networking site ‘Twitter’ to voice their love and express grief for Starr.  ~*RIP Mike Starr*~


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