Republicans Need to Shut Down The Government Now

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No politician will have the guts to shut down the government in an election year.  So it’s now or never.  2011 is the only chance Tea Party members, conservatives, and patriotic republicans will have to put our money where their mouths are.  President Barack Inane Obama has spent trillions and pretended save billions every year.  Even a child knows that you can NEVER balance a budget that way.   It’s like spilling an ocean and then trying to use a tea spoon to clean up the mess.

If you believe that massive printing and borrowing of dollars perpetrated by the Obama administration and the Federal Reserve will lead to Zimbabwe and Weimar Republic style inflation then it is time to act.  Use the budget of Congressman Ryan as a blue print and make sure you shut down the Department of Education and the EPA while you are at it.

If republicans are not willing to be “fired” for doing the right thing, what good are they?  If you can’t stand to shut down the government in order to save it, you are just democrat “lyte” and you would clearly do or say anything to be re-elected—just like democrats do.

In my very own, personal opinion, every elected democrat is a communist.  The best you can do when you compromise with communists is socialism.  If rhino republicans want socialism they should move to Cuba and shut the hell up.

Man up republicans.  The press despises you already.  Now they will really hate you if you do what is right.  In my very own, personal opinion most of the press are bribed Marxists who worship daily at the altar of the destruction of capitalism in general and the United States of America in particular.  Unless you are trying to commit national suicide just as most of US press is, don’t give the lies those weasels spread a moments thought.

Republicans need to plan for a long siege.  If you have to, keep the shut down going for a year.  Pass a series of bills that make it a felony to reprogram or re-purpose  funds.  Make it a felony for the president to violate a law with a presidential signing.  The laws must apply to the president too.


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