How You Know Who Loves You

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There are just no indicators to know who loves you unless there has been a declaration of love with a   commitment of time to the relationship. Your boyfriend’s commitment to the relationship with time spent together is one determinant factor of his love for you. If you find yourself alone most of the time and wondering who loves you then most likely that person has not make his love presence known.   The only way you will know if you are loved prevails with the boyfriend being there for you and committed to his want and need to love you unconditionally.

It is said that actions speak louder than words and that knowledge is known even by secret admirers who most likely use a third party to convey love or feelings of affection.  That is why when something is amidst, you will sure to  receive a text message or a cell phone call asking for a date out to begin a relationship to explore the viability of that love.  For no explainable reason on your part, you may receive roses, chocolate or jewelry. Boyfriends may do these actions of kindness or secret admirers surmising that buying gifts is the right thing to do in a relationship to show affection.

But it is the expenditure of time that would let one know if someone loves you.  Boyfriends do these nice romantic gestures but if they are spending most of their time with “the boys” then most likely the allegiance are to his guy friends instead of to the relationship.  After three times of showing up with roses on your movies and dinner date night, sometime these actions just become a habit or a routine and not a clear indication that there is any kind of love involved except a dutiful gesture.   The boyfriend’s actions of giving in these cases would not necessarily mean that your boyfriend really loves you.

You must be secure within yourself if you are to believe that your boyfriend really loves you. Actions speak louder than words but is what he is doing somewhat superficial or out of habit? When you are secure in yourself, then you will not be deceived into thinking that love is present when it is absent because of not being in the company of the boyfriend or the secret admirer. 

If you’re female intuition makes you hesitant to call your boyfriend when you want to be with him because you think that he might think that you are desperate, and then let the boyfriend make the initial move.  A relationship brings two people together as one and what is important to you should be just as important to your boyfriend.

It is easy for the boyfriend to stop at the local convenience store and pick up a bouquet of flowers especially is he has erred in his ways. It is tougher to turn down an important sports event because the boyfriend wants to be with you and such a sacrifice to be with the boys would be an indication that he is in love with you.   It is true that it is the thought that counts and not the gift. But the thought would be more heartfelt if less retail is put in his feelings and more detailed time together is invested as a loving couple.

What is emphasized here is that what your boyfriend does for you with his time is a better indication of if he really loves you instead of what he buys or even what he says. If the boyfriend wants to be with you more so than with his friends, then he probably really loves you. You should of the most importance to the boyfriend because that is what love is all about, want to be with a special person.  You should not be wondering why your boyfriend didn’t called or wait for an email that was not received. You should not be asking “How to know if my boyfriend or someone really loves me?”

Insecurity in your feelings towards yourself or to your boyfriend will most likely make you ask the question: “How to know if someone Loves Me.” Otherwise, you will not be asking the question because you would be assured of love. Get over your insecurities so that you can access the situation and see clearly without any doubt as to whether or not someone loves you.

Thank your boyfriend for the many gifts and be pleased when he says that he loves you. But to really prove that your boyfriend loves you depends on how you feel about yourself and what he does for you in matters of spending time to get to know you better. Your boyfriend could say that he thinks the world of you but if his actions prove otherwise, and then there is a fallacy in what he is saying.

Have fun in your relationship with your boyfriend and if things get serious, be aware of your trust and security issues before you question if he really loves you. You will only know if your boyfriend really loves you if he has shown time and time again that you are the one for him with the expenditure of time to the relationship.

Sometimes this process of trusting and dealing with your insecurities will provide a better page on which to answer the question, How to Know if Someone You? Do not contemplate him telling you that he loves you to be truthful if the boyfriend’s actions contradict his words. It is said that time is a healer but time can also be an excellent indicator factoring in time spent together in the relationship to prove if someone loves you.


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