Getting Over Writer's Block

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     Writer’s block is a very common problem with many creative people.  It does not necessarily only happen to Writers, but also to anyone who tries to create something imaginative from scratch. Most of the time it happens to those who have pressure on them to have a piece of work completed by a deadline.  You think, and you think, but your mind still cannot create what you feel you need to create.  I believe I have a solution for this problem, that might just help remove that block. I have found this method very useful, even in writing this article. 

      Whenever I have this issue, I tend to stress myself out, trying to force the creativity to come out, when it should be naturally flowing out.  I can nearly drive myself insane just trying to get the creative spark I need to get going smooth.  Eventually I realized that I created the block myself.  I created the block by trying so hard to think of something, when I naturally think of creative things all the time.  All day I am creative, and I have thoughts that would go great in writing, or any sort of art.  Forcing yourself to think of something is definitely not the way to go. Stress just builds itself up, and concentration seems to like surrounding your stress, so the best way to open up the pathway to your concentration, would be to get rid of what is blocking it from going through.

     The solution I have created is to just sit back, relax, and free your mind.  Maybe make a glass of tea, or a cup of coffee, sit on your porch and just watch nature.  Do anything to just become completely calm, and stress-relieved. That helps dramatically in removing the block. It helps get the creative juices flowing through where your stress held it back.  Soon enough you will have ideas coming at you so fast, you won’t even know what to do with them.  Make sure to always have a pad of paper and a pencil ready when you are getting “In the zone”, and go get creative!


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