Wwe Wrestlemania 27 Review

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WrestleMania starts with an awesome Rock promo and got the crowd going but it was too slow!

Edge (with Christian) vs. Alberto Del Rio (with Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez)
Why was this the stating match? I get that WWE wants a big match to start the night off, but I miss starting with mid card matches and working the way up to main events!
There was nothing too exciting about this match! Alberto comes out in a Rolls Royal. Christian then comes out before Edge…Okay, do not come out together and in the process make me think that maybe there is a reason to this coming later in the match. A massive cube comes down with Edge’s logo on it. Then the match itself shows that Alberto should be in this match! Christian and Brodus fight outside the ring, but not long after the ref is distracted and Clay takes Edge’s arm to the ring post, but later manages to spear Alberto for the win. In a vlog with my mate and we predicted that Christian was going to turn on Edge, but whatever!
After the match Edge and Christian, attack Alberto’s Rolls!

Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio
I was not too bothered about this match. Rey goes straight for the attack before Cody starts using his mask to get the upper hand. Throughout the match Cody dominates. After actually hitting a 619, Rey removes Cody’s mask, puts it on, and after two diving head butts Cody hits the Cross Roads for the win. At least this match the right person won, as what would it have meant if Rey won?

There is a talent contest backstage with Snoop Dogg and Teddy. Regal starts a rap, Beth Phoenix and Khali do Grease and Zack Ryder foes Rebecca Black’s Friday until Piper hits him with a coconut. Masters and Yoshi do “we will rock you’. Hornswoggle mumbles before busting a rhyme with the Bella’s after Snoop and Teddy leave.

The Corre (Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel) vs. Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston, The Big Show and Kane)
I am glad we still had Santino in this match and after Kozlov was replaced with Kofi because of Corre taking him out at Fan Axxess and it was not like Corre were going to take out the bigger guys…Even though it would have made them look better! Before I get into the match, I was to make a small comment on how funny Santinos speed walking was…I think I shall start walking around like him.
There was not too much about this match, the wrong team won after Santino hit the Cobra on Slater, Big Show hit the knockout punch.

Backstage Rock tells Eve, the next person to come around the corner; he will create a moment with. Mae Young appears and says she wants the Peoples Strudel and slaps The Rock’s ass before leaving with Eve…It was funny, but the next person was a much better choice…Austin comes and they make small talk while staring at each other.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk
This was more of an entertaining match. We have Punk looking good without Nexus, even though he had the advantage of Orton with an injured leg. There was a few good submission moves from Punk especially when he had Orton’s legs wrapped around one of the corners of the ring and Punk was locking in a figure four…I liked that! When Orton later starts building momentum and hits Punk with a series of clotheslines, hitting him with an Angle Slam, Punk sweeps his legs and locks in his Anaconda Vice but Orton manages to roll to the ropes. After a middle rope DDT from Orton, he sets himself up to RKO Punk but instead stands to punt Punk but luckily Orton’s leg goes…I really did not want Orton to take out Punk again as I have said before. Not long after Orton hits his RKO for the win. Well thanks for that, you have Punk wrestling on his own and to look good in the match, only to lose.

Rock and Mean Gene are in the back, saying how Cena’s biggest fan is going to confront Rock, who turns out to be the loner Pee Wee. Rock wants to know if he wants to be on Team Bring It or with the Fruit Loop Troop, haha! Gene comes back with Cena’s gear on and Pee Wee makes fun of him. Rock has claimed another soul, as Pee Wee gives a “if you smell what the Pee is cooking”

Next is the Hall of Famers with Michaels at the end. He gets then the best reaction…Haha Drew!

Booker makes his way out to call the next match with Josh Mathews, and then we see none other than the great commentator himself…Jim Ross!

Michael Cole (with Jack Swagger) vs. Jerry Lawler with referee Stone Cold
What was Cole thinking coming out dressed in orange attire again? Austin comes out in a four-wheeler and almost runs over Swagger while Cole is in the Cole Mine. The match does not start straight away as Cole decides to warm up. As Cole had already been in the ring Austin calls for the bell and Lawler attacks Swagger before going to a begging Cole. Instead of giving into him, Lawler takes Coles hand and pulls him into the Cole Mine multiple times! Lawler jumps over and starts beating Cole before dragging Cole out and throwing him into the GM stand…Take that GM! In the ring Swagger hits Lawler’s head on the ring apron, then with Austin distracted lock the ankle lock on Lawler on the outside. Cole stands on Lawler legs using the ropes for leverage while Swagger yells instructions. Later, Cole takes down a strap and locks in the Ankle-Cole lock. Soon after Swagger throws in a towel but Austin picks it up, wipes sweat off his face, and throws it back at Swagger, before he gets in to the ring to get a stunner. Cole begs Austin before yelling his ass off before turning around to be hit by Lawler followed by a dropkick for a two count. Lawler locks in an ankle lock which and Cole taps out! Austin asks if he wants to quit before calling for the bell!
After the match, Swagger carries Cole up the ramp and Austin has beers in the ring! Booker comes in, congratulates Lawler, does a spinarooni, but as Booker and Austin share a beer Austin stunners Booker…Josh reads, email, and said as the ref interfered Lawler has been DQ’d and the winner is Cole! Lawler grabs Josh, throws him in the ring for Austin to give him a stunner…Yeah, okay, I get that attack but why stunner Booker?

The Undertaker vs. Triple H
HHH opens with For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica and has people holding shields and HHH shows up wearing a medieval outfit with a skull mask and crown. The lights go out and HHH’s Game music hits and comes down to the ring in his normal attire…I really liked his entrance! Taker obviously comes out with Ain’t No Grave.
HHH wastes no time beating on Taker, but Taker throws HHH to the outside. Before getting back into the ring, the two brawl outside and HHH spears Taker into the Cole Mine, which falls apart. While Taker tries to do his Old School HHH counters and pulls him off the rope, and then clotheslines Taker back outside. HHH clears the remaining announcers table even though he could have used the Spanish one. HHH goes for the pedigree but Taker fights off and goes for the chokeslam before HHH gets back body dropped off the announce table! Taker goes for the tombstone on the steel steps but HHH fights him off. Taker charges into HHH but gets a spinebuster from the steel steps through the announcers table…Awesome moment, which is what we were needing more of in this match. Back in the ring, HHH gets chokeslammed for an almost three count! After a few in corner punches from HHH, Taker tries to Last Ride HHH but he escapes, tries to hit the Pedigree, Taker escapes, tries to hit Snake eyes but gets spinebusted for two and a half! HHH brings in a chair, but Taker boots him down and uses the chair on HHH back. Before a second chair shot can happen, HHH Pedigrees Taker but close for another close to three count. HHH sets Taker on the top rope but Taker slips out and hits the Last Ride for a two and a half count. Then soon after HHH kicks out of a Tombstone pin! After two Pedigrees with close to three counts, multiple chair shots on the back and head, HHH tells Taker just to die, before doing the cutthroat and giving Taker a Tombstone for another close to three count! HHH rolls to the outside and goes under the ring for his sledgehammer! HHH brings Taker to the middle of the ring but locks in his Hells Gate! After a long attempt to stay with it and attempts to get the sledgehammer, HHH slowly taps out! What an epic match and great wrestling from both wrestlers!
Referees and trainers check on both wrestlers. HHH is the first to his feet, his nose is bloody. Taker slowly tries to get out while HHH rolls to the outside. HHH just watches Taker struggle to stay with things. Taker is then carried away on a stretcher which! He actually looked bad!

Dolph Ziggler and LayCool (Vickie Guerrero) vs. Snooki, Trish Status and John Morrison
Now we get to the match I was not looking for…Why are we having this before the main event? Even though I do label this match as a woman’s match as this match was concentrating more on the divas! At the start of the match you have LayCool pushing each other…Nothing came from that…Thanks WWE, you should have made this the time to split them up! Sorry to the people who liked this match but I just want to get to the end. Trish hits the Chick Kick on Michelle, but Ziggler stop the count before Morrison clotheslines him out the ring and hits his Startship Pain. Snooki is tagged in and I thought this was going to be a mess, but Trish has actually trained her up pretty well…I get the Tough Enough training is paying off! Snooki hits the springboard in the corner on McCool and then a splash for the win.

WWE Championship
The Miz vs. John Cena
Miz’s ‘Awesome’ entrance was alright, but I did not like Cena’s gospel singing entrance!
I could go into detail about their match, but to be honest…The first of the two matches did not really matter as it ended as a double count out. I shall say this though, even though Riley were involved, we did see Miz proving himself as an okay champion again, but overall it was a bland match, the only other things I liked was that Miz kicked out of an Attitude Adjustment and the dead crowd did choose to cheer on Miz than Cena! After both end up over the barricade, the referee counts them both out!
After the match Rock music hits and he comes out taking his Jacket off, before reading a GM email before stopping after saying that the GM thinks…Rock stops and says, “it doesn’t matter what you think and knocks the laptop over haha! Rock restarts the match, as no way WrestleMania’s main event is going to end as a count out!
Cena rolls in Miz into the ring and tries to give him an Attitude Adjustment but Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Cena and Miz pins or the win!
After this match, Rock watches as Miz celebrates. When he notices Miz notices Rock runs in and hits a series of punches on Miz before giving him a spinebuster and the People’s Elbow to end the night! Even if Rock could not save the match, he did save WrestleMania!

What did you think of WrestleMania?


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