The Traits Of Successful People – Passion. (Day 42 Vmc)

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Success does not happen by accident. The difference between people who produce great results and those who don’t, is not a matter of luck or the roll of the dice.
Success cannot be attributed to luck alone. There are consistent, sure patterns of action that make up character traits of highly successful people, and they are all within our reach.

Have you ever wondered what Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and Walt Disney might have in common? Do these highly successful individuals share any common characteristics? Yes, they do.

They have all been able to get themselves to consistently take action – Massive action. They figured out a way to put everything they have into everything they do, 100% of the time.

However, they have all cultivated within themselves at least seven character traits that give them the fire to do whatever it takes to succeed. These traits motivate them to overcome any obstacle. These seven traits can ensure that you and I succeed as well.

The first trait is Passion. All highly successful people have discovered a reason – a consuming, energizing, obsessive purpose that fuels them, and drives them to do more, to grow more, and to be more than anyone else.

It’s passion that drove Brett Favre to complete 19 seasons in the NFL, and play at Hall of Fame levels late into his career. It’s passion that powered Lance Armstrong to seven straight Tour de France victories. It was passion that separated Lee Iacocca from his peers for so many years as a CEO and a corporate executive.

It’s passion that drives scientific breakthroughs. Passion causes people to stay up late and rise early the next day. Passion is what we all want in our relationships.

Passion gives life power and energy. It’s what gives life meaning and purpose.There is no greatness without passion in any of life’s worthy endeavors.

The question is: What are you passionate about?
If you want to succeed or become great at anything, you must answer that question first.

Character trait of all highly successful people: #1 – Passion.


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