12 Great Lies Men Which All Men Tell.

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1. You have not gained any weight, you look great

When you ask that proverbial question, Honey, do I look like I have gained weight? Does my stomach look fat? Men see these kinds of questions as land mines to be avoided at all cost, even if it means telling a big fat lie. Men feel that the consequences of answering these kinds of questions is not worth the stress one would have to endure — being denied sex etc. It just is not worth ruining a perfectly good weekend or a trip to town.

2. She looks like trash

You know how you point out the girl that is scantily-clad, and your guy turns around and gives you the She looks like a tramp reply. The truth is, your man may in fact like how the tramp looks, and in one split second may have fantasized about having sex with her. If saw the same girl when he is hanging out with his friends, his reaction will be entirely different. But since he is hanging out with you and he does not want to hurt your feelings, he will tell you what you want to hear.

3. I will never lie to you

What answer has your man given you in question number above. Chances are, if you have asked him that question and he lied and told you how great you look, then you know that he has probably lied to you at some point. He has failed the test even before he gives his response.

4. You are the best in bed

You may not be the best he has ever made love to. There are strong possibilities that he may have gone through some freaks that made him beg for more before he met you and fell in love with you. Why then, does he tell you that you are the best? Well, because it simply makes you feel good, and is not that what both of you want? At least a fight is avoided by telling you what you want to hear.

5. I will never hurt you

He may not have any intentions of hurting you, but he will by saying hurtful things in the middle of an argument. His lie about how he will never hurting you simply keeps everything nice and peaceful.

6. Your food tastes great

He may truly feel that you are a good cook. But there times when he knows you have put in so much time in preparing a dish that did not quite come out the way it was supposed to. When you ask him how it tastes, he will not want to be cruel and tell you the truth about how your food tastes terrible, or tastes like it is burnt, or too spicy, too salty, or not quite done.

7. Nothing is wrong. I am OK

I am just fine. There are times when he may be depressed or just not in the mood to talk to you, because he is mired in his own troubles. When he is in this contemplative mood he will probably tell you that he is fine, just so that he will not get you worrying about him. Sometimes he will not tell you that he is not feeling good because he does not want you to think that he is a big baby. So to keep looking macho and tough and keep his ego intact, he will give you the simple Nothing is wrong. I am OK.

8. I let my Ex go

Maybe, maybe not. He may have been dumped and does not want to make you feel like you got someone`s left over. If telling you the truth will shrink his ego, you can bet he will tell you a fib.

9. I never had sexual relations with that woman

Asking your man whether he cheated with his ex, will not fetch you the truth. Your man knows that you will judge him and possibly try to assume that he may cheat on you, if he did it with his ex. So in order to prevent you from passing judgment on him, he will tell you that he has always been faithful. He may admit to a lesser crime of having fooled around, as in kissing another woman when he was with his ex, but that is as close as he is willing to come to the real truth. He may have had his fling with another woman, but because he values what he has with you more than the roll in the hay with a stranger, he will not admit to having any affairs because it could potentially lead to him losing you.

10. l love everything about you

Really? This one is a common lie. Since none of us are perfect, chances are he knows you are not perfect either, so there is always something that you do or say, or something about you body that he does not find appealing. Does it mean that your man does not accept you just the way you are? Of course he does, he just wishes you would change those things that are changeable.

11. I will fix it

When the cows come home. When he said he will fix it, he really meant it. But he would rather watch a good game on TV or do fun things than fix whatever it is you want him to fix. Did he lie when he said he will fix it? Well you be the judge. Sometimes he will tell you that he will fix it but never does because admitting that he cannot fix the refrigerator or the stove or the car, in his mind, diminishes his value to you. Since that is the last thing he wants to do, he will continue to tell you he can fix it.

12. I did not know you called

Sometimes this is indeed the case. He may not have heard his cell phone ring, because he was having fun with his friends and your calls eventually went to his voice mail. On the other hand, he may have seen your number on his caller ID and just does not want to be bothered by you or anyone else for that matter. Does it mean he does not care about you? No, he cares: He just wants time to do what he wants to do and then come back to you when he is ready for you.



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