Building Your Financial Portfolio

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My best advice to you would be to get onto the property ladder sooner rather than later, there is no such thing as waiting for the right time in this instance, opportunity is relative to your situation, if you have the knowledge, and there is a proposed acquisition amidst the turmoil of recent days, you can create a passive income stream, outperforming ordinary share account, and will yield higher percentage in the long run, money will always be flowing towards you, by learning the correct way to handle credit uses and its available facilities.

You will be the one standing shortly on top of your, having your finance control of your spending, and not giving dept management the opportunity to charge you so much interest, by you understanding the careful orchestrated purpose of business ethics, your credit cards can be another source of investment solution, not to be use inadvisable for laundry shopping, holidays, and restaurants.

Credit cards, are remarkable simple acquisition of liquid asset readily available when you want, so use them correctly, and your inability to make repayments will be a thing of the past, your credit worthiness is a record of payments made on time, held largely by several companies who will give a report on the strength of your credit worthiness, bad creditors can always repair their file, credit cards is a widespread knowledge of a person’s credibility which in modern terms, is just another available income stream. If you are credit worthy then you have the opportunity to make lots more money.

Real estate. Is an increasingly popular way to diversify an investment portfolio? There are typically two ways to invest in the property market. The first is by making a direct investment in a property, such as the home you live in.

That is a positive investment that will yield financial benefits in real terms, and with each successful acquisition you can reinvest back some of the profits that you have gain.

Home ownership is on the increase, and offers a number of potential advantages, the value of house price in many inner cities area have more than trebled in recent years, reflecting the type of financial security that you can gain by owning your own house, it’s not throwing away dead money in rent, houses are security for the future, home ownership can give you a higher credit rating, it defines purpose and commitment.

 It reinforces caution and lend strength to accountability, its perhaps the largest investment that you will own during your life time, it comes with a degree of problems that will be dissolved over a period of time, including potential tax deductions for a portion of your mortgage payments and a source of equity should you need to borrow money for different financial needs. Second is buying to let, where the property brings in passive income from the rent or lease.

Passive income is an income stream derive from rental property or royalties from selling a book, where money is receive on a regular basis, best example would be network marketing, interest paid from bank, and dividends paid from share holding.

Understanding how money works
Liquid asset may be classified in many ways of accountability, including securities bought and held for sale in the near future to generate more combine income, an asset is a resource controlled by the enterprise as a result of past performance and becomes a reflection from which the future economic benefits are expected to flow to the enterprise account.

Assets have some essential characteristics which in the process of time becomes the embodiment of future benefit that involves a capacity from which financial resources flow into long term investment. Usually Assets characteristics are directly and indirectly referring to cash, which will provide services for essential liabilities.

Cash in turn controls access to other benefits; cash is the most reliable liquid asset, which includes currency, and deposit bank accounts, and negotiable cheques, bank drafts and money order. This converted cash are assets which are continuing turning over in the course of business. Multiplying owner’s equity.

Assets bring liabilities accounting equation to the economics of the Owners Equity balance sheet, from which we get the sum total of the owner’s wealth. But there can be hidden assets which do not appear on the balance sheet, like in divorce cases where asset are hidden from one spouse to another.

 Investments in securities, such as bonds, and common stock, and takes into account long term investment, with Investments in subsidiaries and spread diversely into affiliated companies. Which may mature into pension funds?

Fixed assets are also called capital assets they are property and buildings held for sale.

The Index. The financial share index is a widely recognized combination of stocks that is representative of a particular market; the index reflects the market that it represents, not the market in general, the number is not important. The most important thing is the percent change over time. This movement up or down gives you an idea of how the index is performing.

When you hear that the market went up or down, you’re actually hearing about an index, which is a general indicator of price trends in groups of stocks or bondsor. An “index” is a group of stocks or bonds that experts believe collectively represent a larger group of stocks.

The Dow Jones. The Dow tracks the daily gains and losses of stocks from the New York Stock Exchange that the editors consider to be key players in the market and the economy.

Important points to consider when build your financial portfolio 

Income streams investment solution.
Purchase a home and add property portfolio
Use credit cards as another stream of income
Diversify businessinvestment into multiple companies
Make good on your credit and mortgage repayments
Fill out your tax returns with a percentage to charity
Budget your income and expenditure
Have an audit trail of all your transaction.


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