Controlling Premature Ejaculation For Healthy Relationship

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Controlling premature ejaculation is something that all men wish that they could do. Each and every time that they have sex they pray or wish and hope that this night will be the night that they turn into a stud. Maybe if they kiss the right girl she will be his princess and fix this terrible curse. Sad to say but that is just not going to happen. There is going to have to be a change if you want your results to change. Now allow me to go on to answer the question “Can changing our sex positions fix premature ejaculating?”

Do you have sex the traditional “missionary” style way? This style was basically meant to get the job done, you were supposed to have sex ejaculate and make the woman pregnant. Unless pregnancy is your goal I do not recommend using this position the whole time you are having sex. If you begin to feel that you are feeling a little bit too good then switch the position to something else.

During The Change

While you are changing positions you can use this time to reach down and do the squeeze technique which is basically just grabbing the upper part of the shaft of your penis between your fingers and your thumb and squeezing to cut off some blood flow.

Back To It

Make sure to pick a position that is going to be less stimulating for you but still feels great for her so that she can still be pleasured while you are giving yourself a bit of break from that dangerously high plateau that you can get on so easily. Once you are ready to finish up you can go to whatever position suits you.


There are many other things that you can learn to help with this condition. You don’t have to deal with this all on your own. There are many people that have gone through this and have learned how to deal with it.

You can learn how to delay ejaculation without medication. You want to make sex last longer so you need to find out how to make that happen today.

A lot of men will rush to the pharmacy and start searching for some sort of pill or cream to use for their problem. This is what we are used to in society. Whenever we have a problem, we know that there is some sort of medication that is going to fix it. However, you need to get out of this mind set because you are going to learn how to delay ejaculation naturally by using your own body to heal your problem.

Our minds have so much control over our bodies but the only problem is that we don’t really know how to use it. For men who have complete mind control over their bodies, they are able to last for hours in the bedroom. These men are the ones that women fantasize about because they are able to please a woman to no end. If you want to become one of these men and make sex last longer finally, then you need to learn how to do this.

The easiest way to control your body with your mind is to control your breathing. Your breathing has a huge contribution to your orgasm and your ability to orgasm. The faster you breathe, the faster you will orgasm because the faster your heart is racing. If you are able to calm your body down and calm your breathing and heart rate, then you can definitely last longer in bed. Simple breathing techniques or full out meditation practices can really work in your favor.

Another natural way to delay your ejaculation is to change up positions during sex. Moving from one position to the other when you feel your orgasm approaching will stop it dead in its tracks. When this happens to a man, it takes him a little while to get it back together. The few seconds of a break that you get can really go far.

Using natural techniques to make sex last longer will give you longer lasting results and will make you a better lover. Use these tips to delay ejaculation today.



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