Healthy Life Style an Ayurvedic View – Part 1

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According ayurveda our life style should be as described below

We should –

1.      Wake up at 4 O’clock in the morning. This the time called “Bramha Muhurta” means highly spiritual quality time. If someone wake ups at this time he’ll be definitely progressive in spirituality.

2.      Go for nature call (of defecation, urination). If there is no feeling of nature call that means digestive system is not good. Generally after adopting this life style for a few days it’s not possible that you may get motions just after the awakening. It will take time. The days will come when you wake up because of nature call. This is the best sign of healthiness.

3.      After the refreshment or nature call brush the teeth with herbal tooth powder or fresh sticks of margosa tree not with the any type of paste because tooth powder will enhance the strength of gums & teeth, maintains hygiene, helpful in ailments of teeth, & the best thing is that it helps the hunger to start. Instead of this, paste is totally opposite. As compare to pastes, tooth powder is too good. It’s my experience. (The fact is that, I do not own any shares in tooth powder company – joking)

4.      Do the “Nasyam & Gargling procedure” – putting 2 drops of medicated oil (choose as per the health) in both nostrils in a specific posture of body with the sequence of steps. At last gargle with warm water added salt or turmeric or both. In the starting it should be done with help of experts only. After getting perfectness you may try on your own.

It may not possible that everyday you must do this (4th) step. Accept as much as u can it will definitely help you to improve your health. I just want to share my knowledge & experience with you. Because I know ayurveda is not merely a textual health science. It’s a science which we can believe after experiencing it thoroughly. There is phrase in Ayurveda texts which means may everyone get good health, & free from illness or misery of diseases.

May all the readers get good health.


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