How to Prepare Strawberry And Yogurt Smoothies – Healthy Smoothie Recipes

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Strawberry smoothie recipes.

A Smoothie may be defined as a thick smooth drink of pureed fresh fruits mixed with milk, ice cream or yoghurt. Smoothies are recommended to cool the body and are most suitable in summer. A morning smoothie is also good to avoid constipation and consequent hemorrhoids.

It has been proved that smoothie of good fruits like banana, strawberry, Apple. Pine apples, all are effective for Acnes and skin problems. It also helps easy bowel movements a common problem among obese and pregnant women. A well prepared strawberry smoothie recipe gives one the required nutrients, all essential vitamins required for a good and smooth skin.

Children enjoy drinking strawberry smoothie. Mostly raw fruits are not favored by them most of the times and the best way to lure them is by a good strawberry smoothie recipe. Similarly fruits that are a bit over ripe are usually thrown out though not fermented. Strawberry smoothie recipe help us to make use of such fruits for the benefit of young and old. It is a good food supplement that takes less effort to prepare and serve.

A morning strawberry smoothie is both soothing and energy giving.  Unexpected  guests can be greeted with   a well prepared strawberry smoothie recipe.

A very delicious and easy to make strawberry smoothie recipe is explained below.

What you require is one banana, one table spoon full lecithin granules, one teaspoon of any bran, one cup of mixed rice dream and almond milk in equal quantities. One needs to add blender with the strawberries one by one. Flax seeds, sunflower seeds or flax seed oil can also be used besides liquid minerals and vitamins to make the smoothie highly nutritional.

Enjoying  a nice strawberry smoothie recipe every day would help one  avoid skin problems and difficult bowel movements and would also  give a  good supplement of additional nutritional and mineral requirements. 

.  Yogurt smoothie recipe:-

When the summer is around the corner people need something to substitute heavy meals and high calorie diets. The children that are sick of the usual raw fruits lying inside the refrigerator may not have a second look at those overripe bananas and cherries. It is the time of the homemaker to innovate something to make use of the vitamin rich fruits and also the younger lots to consume it with pleasure. The yogurt smoothie recipe is the immediate answer that comes to ones mind.

Smoothies are great nourishes to young and old. They also serve as good nutritional and vitamin supplement to one and all. There are no restrictions whatsoever with regard to the fruits and other liquids that can be added to a mouth-watering smoothie recipe. Usually milk and yogurt is the base that make the recipe thick, and protein rich. Many an additional supplements like sesame or sunflower seeds etc. 

Yogurt smoothie recipes can be prepared in many combinations depending on the availability of fruits and one’s taste and preference. One need to be cautious not to make use of fermented fruits else any one fruit combination would serve the purpose The normal yogurt smoothies are Strawberry , Mango, peaches and other seasonal fruits. If one needs to innovate on any new yogurt recipe many recipe sites are plenty offering them and one may choose that suits the stock of the fruits and the health requirements. 

Yogurt smoothie recipes are quite cool and smoothens body and is much useful for a smooth textured skin as well as for Acnes. Regular intake of a well-prepared yogurt smoothie also eases the bowel movements especially among the pregnant women and obese people that suffer from constipation and hemorrhoids. 

Besides being a cooling food supplement yogurt smoothie recipe also act as full time meals should the smoothie is prepared with the required additional vitamins and minerals supplement. The advantage is the little time required for preparation and the variety of preparation.

A yogurt smoothie recipe  is ideal in summer and also for people with specific need. Rather than preferring a soda pop or diet cola, one can make it a habit to have a smoothie made with variety of fruits, yogurt, skim milk or juice.


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