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Now a days designing has become a valuable job for many people, Jewelry designing is one of them. Many people nursed ambitions of becoming a jewelry designer in their mind. The same thing happened in life of TaraJhavery, one day she found a box of semi precious stone in his office and began playing around them and turning them into desirable creations. Now she has a flagship store called TARA J in Mumbai and her repertoire includes statement pieces like rings, necklaces, earrings, cuffs. Her prices start upwards of INR 40000. She says ‘‘my jewelry is traditional in essence but contemporary in form.’’

Payel Gupta’s studio is in Delhi. Her studio’s name is PAAYAL. Her brand offers opulent pieces of jewelry like bold neck-pieces, earrings, rings. She also makes lots of unisex jewelry. She says, ‘‘The Kalgi [turban jewelry]that a groom wears on the wedding night can later be worn by the bride as a sari brooch ’’

Another designer Pallavi Dudeja, who recently won the second prize at the 10th Saul Bell Design in Las Vegas in the last year in the ‘beads’ category said, ‘‘ I designed a Necklace that played with the concept of 3D space. Apart from beads which are given triangular shapes, I use pink tourmalines and amethyst in this piece ’’

These designers are not only using precious metals like silver, gold, rubies but they’re taking on unusual materials like wood, acrylic and beads. Irrespective of the rising price of gold, designers still favor the yellow metal. Some prefers smoky and lemon topaz and a Burmese ruby.

 Vasundhara Mantri (her specialty is using silver with rhodium finish) worked with Priyanka Chopra, who wore her earrings in DON and FASHION. Sonam Kapoor in her film AISA wore Nitya Arora’s necklace.

A former designer, Amrita jain from Ahamedabad told that she starts her career with some wooden neclaces, earrings, rings and she told that she got a massive feedback and now she is doing with some stones..  

 The entire designer says, that Jewelry is not just a means of adornment. It‘s become truly sculptural. Each piece tells a story.


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