Make Your Bukisa Articles Search Engine Friendly

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To make your article search engine friendly, you have to write your article the proper way before befor you start the search engine submissions. Below are some tips on how to make your articles earch engine friendly and how you can submit your articles for free to major search engines.

1- Remember those keywords? Keywords are so crucial in search engine optimization. As I have stated in other articles, Whenever you write your article, make sure to use your title keywords all throughout your article. This makes it easier for the search engines to pick your articles up and how to place them in the rankings. So get very familiar with keywords and keyword placement. Keyword placement is really simple when you get to applying them on a daily basis. Just remember this key factor: Always try to put your bulk title keywords in all of your steps or all throughout your article.

2- Keyword placement- Before you publish your article, you have to put your keywords(tags) in the box. This is also crucial in search engine optimization. The more related keywords that you put in along with your article keywords the better. You can go to any adword generator(I suggest google) and find hundreds of related and matching keywords that you can use in your tag box.

3- Search engine submission- You can go to google and just type in “free search engine submission” and google will return a bunch of great sites that you can submit your articles to the search engines from.

Give it a week or so after doing this and you should be able to find your articles high up in the search engine rankings.


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