Animal Portraits

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Animals have a special place in our hearts, and though there are some people who seem indifferent towards them, it is hard to ignore what they mean to us. Most precious are the pets that we have at home, and we often feel as if we have lost a family member when they leave us. There are many ways to remember your pet, and those are all wonderful. However, there is a really great way to remember your pet with something that most others don’t have. If that might be something you like, you should find someone who can do animal portraits for you.

There are a number of different ways you can get animal portraits done. If your pet is still living, you can find someone who might be able to do it with your pet sitting for the portraits. However, as you can imagine, this can be very hard. Pets won’t sit still for very long, and some never sit still at all. You certainly can’t ask them to. Even a dog that can sit on command won’t stay there forever. What you might want to do in this case is have a professional come in to take photos of your pet, and then the animal portraits can be done from whichever photo it is that you like the best.

Most people don’t think to have animal portraits done until after they have lost their pet though, and that just means going through old pictures to find one that works. Don’t worry about the quality of the photo, as a good artist can work with almost anything. You can even have your pet put into a portrait with your family if you wish, or even with your child. For the most part, you can probably get whatever you want for your animal portraits because when working with paint, almost anything is possible.

What’s even better is that you don’t have to find someone who is nearby to do your animal portraits for you. You can find many online that offer this service, and all you have to do is send them your photo of your pet. Some may ask you for more than one so they can see your pet in a bit more detail. You might also have the choice of having your animal portraits done in pastels, watercolors, or oil paints. Decide which style you like the most, and then find a price that you can live with. What you will end up with is a memorial for your pet that you can keep long after photos fade.


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