Using Various Ruler

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Triangle is used to draw a line straight, oblique or
parallel. Materials used mostly transparent mica because
light. Usually used in a pair of triangles are triangles
with angle 45o – 45o and a triangle, with angle 60o – 30o.


How to use:
Before a triangle or a tool of this type are used, should be examined
formerly with the following eligibility requirements:

– The edge of the ruler (the triangle) should be flat
– Should really elbow (90o) >

After review and found the tool in good condition,
then the triangle can be used in accordance with its function,
namely to make a straight line or make a line perpendicular
that must be considered in this regard are:

– Point the pencil perpendicular (90 °) to the triangle
– 80o tilt towards the pull of a pencil line
– Draw a line in pencil while playing >


Ruler Picture
Ruler image is also used to draw a straight line in the distance
long. Ruler picture (sketch Haak) is usually made of
wood or mica. But there’s also made of wood and mica.
Ruler picture consists of two parts, namely the rule that
ruler length and the head angle 90o.


When using the ruler image, the head of the ruler
images must be sealed on the side table held picture
with his left hand. But for a lefty should seek alternative
Another rule is to look for specific images.


Ruler images used to create horizontal lines, can also
to make a point of 30o, 45o, 60o or 90o to the rescue
triangle. After use should be hung on a nail bar
so as not to become crooked.


Drawing Parallel Lines
To membuata parallel lines, the first one used triangular
guidelines should not be moved. Put the following triangle
The second line in accordance with the desired direction and pull the line.
Next slide the second triangle in accordance with the distance
desired then tarisk lines and so on.

Drawing Curved Lines
To make a curved line using the term should
first determined the radius of a circle or round center circle.
For example, the radius of the circle center of M1 is greater than the radius
M2 center circle

Dividing Lines


Line AB is divided into two parts equal in length.
a. Create two circular arcs with A and B as
center, the radius R arbitrary. Both bow to each other
intersect in a and b
b. Pull the line ab which cuts AB at C
c. Then AC = CB


Divide the line AB into parts of the same length.
(For example, is divided into 8 parts)
a. Pull any line (from A)
b. The size of the line ah part of the same length
term using Aa = ab = bc = cd = de = ef = fg = gh
c. Connect the dots with B h
d. Pull of the points: g, f, e, d, c, b, a, a line parallel
HB line these lines will cut AB in dots
which divide into 8 equal parts long.


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