Get Automated Research Results For Targeted Traffic

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1. Making your homework come to you by way of Alerts

One of my favorite tools for doing this is Twilert that is the Twitter Alert program. We can actually go to Twilert and setup the core buying keywords for our industry. Now, if you don’t know what you’re buying words are yet we’ll cover that in a second and everyday it’ll send you good results. In my situation I’m putting alerts for Seo services and I need to see what things are coming back out there within the Twitter stream so I could do my analysis and prepare quality content material relating to that.

Twitter is really a microblog platform that’s extremely powerful. So several days we’ll receive a thousand new information for your targeted web traffic in a day.

Another kind of Alert that is seriously effective is Google. This really is pretty neat because Google is definitely important for search engine listings and if they know about something they will send us an e-mail and we know that targeting that will assist us to obtain our ranking in Google. When you’re in a market, set Google alerts for the item, your market,and the author names and after that even if you go and post and comment. If you set it for your self then you will get notified when Google detects your content material.

Set it for critiques and know exactly what is happening in the market place. Google Alerts will give you timely relevant content that is the ideal basic foundation for catching Targeted Traffic that lead to conversions.

2. The Google Wonderwheel

Yet another fantastic tool is the Google Wonderwheel. I started blogging regarding this tool about June 2009. It’s a wonderful tool to discover buyers due to the fact people go online before they buy some thing. The Wonderwheel lets us know what’s related to that key phrase.

This is essential as we like to be Google optimized with one area of our traffic. If you want to go layers deep then you will find paid resources that go a number of levels deep for making use of the Wonderwheel.

We have to enter a keyword and key phrase and search using Google, turn “Instant” off, after which we are able to find the Wonderwheel on the left hand side of the search results page. Try engaging in a typical search result for assessments and you can see that it is pulled up some suggestions for us e.g. consumer testimonials, hotel reviews, movie critiques, product reviews etc. A number of these suggestions are fantastic for money generating markets, especially item surveys.


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