Is There a Way to Overcome The Betrayal?

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Meanwhile, we assume, perhaps staff who betray not just about spending a night with another person. It can be considered treason even thought ol’aver done or said things that include sexual and sentimental. Often I hear people say, has betrayed me but I forgave.
In my opinion, to be able to forgive we must, first of all have a lot of good will power.
Yeah, because we must be able to forget the fact that our partner has only touched with the thought another person. All that we considered our (feelings, words, emotions), since they were in a sense turned to other, no longer belong. Are others, others who have benefited.
Maybe that in these terms could also be a speech selfish, but love is not all become selfish? Even the phrase “I did it for you” here is that if it is not addressed to us, is the most offensive.

Another thing you need to do to be able to forget a betrayal is to be able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Sounds easy. But it becomes extremely difficult to understand why he continues to tell you that loves you and will do everything for you … Why did not you avoid getting photos on the internet where everything you do for me?
him to continue to go in search of photos and movies of some kind and if you love only me? How can I believe you would do anything to me if you can not do the simplest thing in this world?
You are beautiful words. But for some reason when you try to forget something that hurts us, everything, every situation brings us to what hurts the most: photos, written words of his colleagues, even the most important day of your married life may become the most horrible, if that day on the Internet was written the phrase “I must go now, I’m busy, you feel later.” Yeah, you had to marry after 10 years of living together!

To remember and keep in mind that if you decide to forgive, for peace of mind and to relive history as a couple’s relationship, one must always try not to think always of the past. Consider the mistake made a mistake just as precisely. To err is human.
But if you persevere?
So how do I do?
Yes, send a second marriage in shambles. Feeling loser in every sense ….
Who knows why people are always betrayed to feel the weight of the error made, and never the offender. Who knows why people are always the losers who feel betrayed.

We feel with his head lost in the void, empty, his life, which until then had a purpose in Love, no longer makes sense.
Listen again to love that person, but it bothers you to hear next.
Would you like to be with you, but at the same time, you would not see her again.
To forgive means to overcome these mental obstacles, all these bad feelings inside you slowly wear out. Forgiveness means being able to go further, turn the page and start over, on both sides. The difficulty is to turn the page when it does only one party and one continues the same behavior as before or worse, feels entitled to do and say things that you were afraid to say, just for the simple reason that it is now so sure that you forgive him anyway.

Anyway whatever you decide to do, to ever forgive or forget the person who betrayed you, you must always think first of themselves, what they really want, what really makes us feel good, even and especially if there are children. If we are wrong, we are angry, we are less likely to smile and who suffers the consequences to them, the youngest, who, ironically, they always manage to understand that there is something wrong, despite our incredible efforts in trying to disguise.


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