Smokeless Cigarettes Help Redefine Smoking

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Smokeless cigarettes are an electronic version of cigarettes where a battery powers prescribed amounts of a vapor mixture containing nicotine. Sort of like a cigarette vaporizer each e cigarette comes with a refillable cartridge of liquid nicotine providing about twelve to twenty smokeless cigarettes.

As research indicates nicotine is highly addictive and difficult to stop the craving for once it has entered our body on a consistent basis. The idea behind refillable smokeless cigarettes is to continue to feed the craving but to gradually taper off the amount and reduce the desire to ingest it in e-juice form. It is meant to be a healthier alternative to smoking standard cigarettes. For those who have no intention of quitting, this is a better option too since there is no tar or smoke. Clothing will no longer have that lingering smoky smell and ashtrays can be put back into the cupboard. The second hand smoke issue will have been done away with and best of all your teeth will not turn yellow.

The act of smoking cigarettes could almost be considered ritualistic. It was an extremely successful prop that movie makers used during the era of black and white films. The penultimate actress who succeeded in popularizing this was Bette Davis. Smokers who can’t or won’t quit because they still feel more comfortable with the cigarette prop in hand can continue by switching to refillable smokeless cigarettes. And best of all smokeless cigarettes are permitted in no smoking public areas. It is as if the smoker is getting the best of both worlds. They can still enjoy all the aspects of smoking that are appealing to them and do it where they want to.

More smokers are turning to refillable smokeless cigarettes. No one enjoys having to go outside to smoke since smoking is a very social experience. Smokers want to be in a social setting and not have to leave the restaurant table for instance to some back alley to grab a few puffs.

Smokeless cigarettes also have the added advantage of saving money since they are refillable. With the price of regular cigarettes on the rise in many statesHealth Fitness Articles, people are looking for ways to stick to a budget. Electronic cigarettes with their refillable cartridge system are an economical alternative.


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