Blog: a New Way of Doing Journalism, But There Are Rules

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First of all, for the simple fact that our young people need to explore new things, explore new ideas, then because the Internet offers them the opportunity to freely expose their ideas, their opinions, to stay and chat for hours with their friends through the chat, make new friends through social networking.

The most interesting thing though is that not only young people to have the mania of the Internet.

Increasingly, we are lost in front of the PC adults and especially pensioners who find it the way to spend their time.

Another factor is the curious use made of the Internet.

Once more it was used for searching, sending mail, play, chat, and today is used very often and I would say more, to write and publish their ideas, thoughts, almost like a diary.

To do this we use the so-called Blog, free pages, available from many sites. Some sites are even willing to pay if you put something on the blog that they offer.

It is precisely this that has given way to “DIY journalism.”

So many people are dedicated to writing, not just a diary, but a journalistic articles and information, making light of their knowledge and skills.

The success of a blog depends on some initial key factors:

  1. Ingenuity of those who write the article. The article is more creative, the greater the interest that engages your audience.

  2. Grammatical correctness. It is normal for a correct item and easy to read, becomes more visible than an article unfair and difficult to interpret.

  3. Responsibility. What you write, is imprinted, and it is not always possible to completely remove it (someone could have downloaded or copied, for example). What you write is read by a wide audience and you do not know who reads it and interprets it as. Not infrequently children or minors generally encounter when reading articles scurrilous, inappropriate for their age. Based on the fact that it is up to us what others are doing, does not relieve him from his responsibilities of people living in a society.

WE ARE THE COMPANY OGGI.I our children will be tomorrow’s society.


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