Sexy Long Weekends

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Can you imagine yourself, as a red-blooded male, lying close by a secluded villa on a steamy Caribbean island, with beautiful girls at your beck and call, happy to do anything you ask of them? An impossible dream, most men might think, even if the fantasy is delicious, because only millionaires could afford such things, but the men thinking that way could hardly be more wrong.

A fantasy long weekend, doing all those things you thought beyond you id in fact, there for the asking. The truth is that, should you were willing to spend a few thousand dollars, you really could live the island fantasy for real, in a secluded place just 90 minutes flight time from Miami, offering absolutely  everything you ever dreamed of and much more besides.

Eight years ago, the founders of the company decided that what men really needed to deal with stressful lives was a genuinely fantasy oriented break on a paradise island. Of course the rules had to be that nothing, within reason, would be taboo, girls involved would be hot, and the fantasies would come to life, so they created Viking Villas, turning old TV show ideas into a sensual reality that beggars belief.

South American and Eastern European girls, who must be between 18 and 26 years old, with model looks, otherwise no invites, are taken to the island by the company, and well paid for their time.  At this beautiful island retreat, single men and couples all spend four days and three nights, having these gorgeous girls tending to their needs, whatever they might be, in what has to be the ultimate dream getaway for any red-blooded person..

All the gourmet food and drink they can handle is provided, along with every kind of entertainment imaginable, no holds barred.  The girls invited to be the companions of the revelers are up for anything, and happy to be so, single guests having the exclusive company of their chosen girl for their entire stay, so laying out several thousand dollars to fulfill those fantasies seems cheao to many..

Though they run this resort under British Virgin Island territorial laws, doing wonders for local businesses and people, the owners concede that they probably could not run such a place in mainland USA, but then, the islanders would hardly complain, the company employing some of  them as staff as well as bringing in guests with plenty of spending money.

Every one of us has secret sexual fantasies, and this company sees itself as a service provider.  To quote their philosophy, ‘we are of the opinion that we spend all day every day doing what we’re ‘supposed’ to do.  Why not once in a while splash out and let your secret fantasies run wild – in a place designed to cater to your every need, with women who genuinely enjoy your company?’

As the brochure points out, it is not just about sex, but a whole experience worlds apart from the routine sof everyday life, with romance and gorgeous female company the order of the day, every day.  Sun, sand, gourmet food, swimming and dancing till dawn, plus waking up next to the woman of your wildest dreams. What men’s club could possibly compete with that?

This resort has featured in men’s magazines like Penthouse, Maxim and Hustler, and if you ever watched the Playboy TV show ‘Sexetctera’, the two male hosts of that show have visited the resort, recommending it as the ultimate adult destination.  The format is simplicity itself.

When you arrive at the four-bedroom luxury villa, you’ll be in the company of three other like minded guys, and you’ll be met by five or six gorgeous hostesses for a drinks and getting to know you party.  You have the option of choosing which hostess you want to be with during your stay, and she is then exclusively yours.  I know you may be wondering what the catch is, but there really are none.  No hidden charges or extras.  As the web site is quick to point out

“Being a multi-millionaire isn’t required to stay at Viking Villas.  The stated cost covers everything, which means that the gourmet food, luxury accommodation, drinks and the lady (or ladies) of your choice for the entire stay are paid for in advance. No haggling and no-one waiting to clean you out.  You arrive, select your lady and from then on you’re on your way to living like a prince.”

The exact location of the place is a well-kept secret, and the villa is also well guarded for 24 hours of every day.  Girls are selected not only on looks, which must be first class, but also on personality because, unlike the normal type of escort, these girls set no limits on intimacy, and are expected to treat guests more as lovers than as clients.

The owners are more than happy to tailor holidays to each guest’s own personal tastes, and couples are free to enjoy a magical time just as much as singles do.  All sexual orientations can be catered for – if advance notice is given, and the only thing that he asks of his guests is that they don’t get too rowdy.  Apart from that, the only item on the agenda is pure, unadulterated adult fun, and no holds barred!

It may sound like a lot of money for a long weekend, but what a weekend it would be – living out those fantasies that have plagued your dreams for years – in an experience you’re hardly likely to forget in a hurry.  If you want testimonials or more information, you can visit the Viking Villas web-site at , or you can e-mail  which they prefer

Maybe it’s time to re-think your annual holiday plans. To be totally relaxed on a paradise island, in the company of an incredibly sexy and good looking woman who only wants to please you – in any way she can – has to be top of the list.  So keep your old car for one more year, and spend the new car money instead, on the sexual heaven on earth you never thought you’d ever be able to afford.    


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