Why People Get Married in Las Vegas? The Secret Behind Las Vegas Weddings

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Why people get married in Las Vegas?

Marriages are made in heaven as per the old dictum. However the most beautiful and memorable marriages are made in heaven and performed at Las Vegas . Las Vegas the entertainment capital of USA ,or perhaps of the world is also a hot honey moon destination of the planet. The city besides being a center of gambling and adult entertainment is also one of the few places of the world where the highest number of Las Vegas weddings are performed year after year. As per the recent statistics more than 120000 weddings are performed in this beautiful entertainment city every year.It is also one of the flourishing industries of this city of lovers and couples

Many a celebrity marriage is performed here because of the discreet nature of the arrangements and short notice arrangements that could be made in many of the hotels and chapels here. Unlike in other places advance booking in chapels is not required since the chapels allow even walk in marriages and spot booking of weddings.In today’s hectic life there is no other place that offers a better deal and convenience for the couple who long to get united for the rest of their  life.

The reasons why many prefer a Las Vegas wedding are many. The first among the many reasons for a Las Vegas Wedding is the cost factor. Las Vegas weddings though popular are less expensive when compared to the flamboyant traditional weddings. The Las Vegas Wedding  can be arranged at short notice , often  at few days notice or can be done even instantly. The chapels are more accommodative and they do not insist on advance booking.  Many of the hotels have their own wedding chapels that make it more convenient. Further the Las Vegas Wedding   coordinators take care of the entire arrangements, from the flowers to the souvenirs and keep in touch with the prospective brides and grooms over phone or online.

This marvelous place offers many interesting styles of wedding for the variety seeker and one can get married either on a cruise, on a helicopter or even on a hot balloon making the Las Vegas Wedding  a unique and memorable one.No wonder many prefer to get married at Las Vegas.


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