How to Save on Groceries Without Coupons

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It is easy to go into the grocery store and start filling the basket with familiar family or personal favorites. Shopping this way often does nothing more than create a situation where there are not enough great ingredients to make tasty meals for the entire week. Here are some easy ways to save on groceries.

Creating a more abundant life starts with choosing to see you have enough. Many times trying to feed a family is stressful on day when the meals are not really what the family wants to eat. There are ways to thrive and be healthy with a modest grocery  budget. 

 Choose to shop differently.  Plan your shopping with affordable recipes. Avoid simply picking up a few items, without a plan on how to serve them as a meal.

Cookbooks and Tested Recipes

If you have internet access start looking up recipes online before putting meals together. Cookbooks can be purchased very inexpensively at thrift stores, garage sales, and from library sales.  Many friends and family members may have old cookbooks that they are not using and would love to gift to you.  Select enough recipes for a week and plan a menu. Try to mimic foods that you love to eat out in restaurants.

Meats and Dairy

Meat and dairy is given way too much emphasis is most American style meals. The majority of people in America are out of touch with true serving sizes of meat.  Meat does not have to be consumed with every meal. Cutting back on meats is one way to save a substantial amount of money each week on groceries.Meats and fish can easily cost more than $ 8 a pound. Eat less meats and choose cuts that are cheaper per pound, or simply buy less meat.


When you are shopping for ingredients always look at the unit price. This is the price per ounce or per pound. For example whole grains like couscous, pearl barley, quinoa, black rice, and numerous varieties of dry beans are the basis for filling healthy meals. Serving the family whole grains that are rich in fiber offers more nutrition and is cheaper overall than buying white rice, boxed mac and cheese, and flavored noodle mixes. Look for the best produce your can afford. Cabbage can be made into a salad, thrown in soup, or sautéed as a hearty side item. These are just a few ways to stay within a modest grocery budget. Experiment with recipes and meal planning to have more control with personal budgeting. Use these tips to grocery budget”>save on groceries.


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