The World’s Most Colorful, Weirdest And Unique Wasps

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A Wasp is an insect that is neither a bee nor an ant. Some wasps are colorful, others are unique, some are useful and some are extremely dangerous and fatal.

1.) Rainbow Wasp (Torymus nobilis)

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One of the most beautiful colored insects in the world is the Rainbow Wasp or scientifically known as Torymus nobilis. It belongs to the Torymidae family of wasps that consists of attractive metallic species with enlarged hind legs, and generally with a long ovipositor.

2.) Hedychrum rutilans

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This brightly colored insect is a Cuckoo Wasp species. They can be found in many countries of Europe such as France, Italy, Greece, Spain and others. It can be found also in North Africa.

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This colorful wasp is characterized by metallic green head and thorax with red spots. The abdomen is usually red and the entire body is hairy.

3.) Spider Wasp

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Spider Wasp is a unique species of wasps with metallic blue colored wings. The insect on the above photo was photographed on a lake bed at the outskirts of Bangalore City, India.

4.) Chrysura refulgens

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Cuckoo Wasps are amongst the most colorful insects in the world. They are often highly sculptured, with brilliantly colored metallic-like bodies.

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They are also commonly known as Emerald Wasp, Gold Wasp and Jewel Wasp.

5.) Blue Ant (Diamma bicolor)

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The Blue Ant could have been the most uniquely colored species of all ants but despite its name and appearance it is not an ant at all. This creature that has a distinct metallic blue-green body with red legs, which is also commonly known as Blue-ant or Bluebottle, is a species of large solitary parasitic wasps sometimes known as a flower wasp. It is endemic to Australia and should be dealt with caution because it sting can cause a life threatening reaction.

6.) Velvet Ant

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The Velvet Ant is definitely one of the weirdest-looking ants in the world. This creature is distinct for its dense hair which can be black, blue, gold, red silver or white. Like the Blue Ant, the sting of Velvet Ant is extremely painful and can kill a cow, hence it is also commonly known as Cow Killer. Despite the name and appearance, Velvet Ants are not true ants, they are wingless wasps.

7.) Potter Wasp

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This colorful and uniquely-shaped Potter Wasp is formally named Eumenes coarctatus. This species and other eumenine species are black or brown, and commonly marked with strikingly contrasting patterns of yellow, white, orange, or red.

8.) Cremastinae Wasp

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The Cremastinae Wasp is one of the most peculiar species of wasp in terms of appearance. This insect that can grow up to 5mm in length is photographed in Dar es Salaam, the largest city of Tanzania.

9.) European Wasp

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The European Wasp is one of the more common and well-known species of social wasps in Europe. This brightly colored wasp is regarded an invasive species in the United States and Canada.

10.) Asian Giant Hornet (Vespa mandarinia)

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The Asian Giant Hornet is a unique wasp species which is colloquially known as the Yak-killer Hornet. This dreaded insect is the largest hornet in the world and is endemic to temperate and tropical Eastern Asia. It can grow up to 50 mm long with a wingspan of about 76 mm.

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