Who Does What Role in Making a Film. ???

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Director: The director is like a captain to a ship. Everything is been controlled by director. He is the person that gives every possible orders to the cast and crew members. He is the person who makes sure that script is been followed correctly.

Producer: Generally producer is the person who is head of the film. There can be more than one producer in a film. Producer is the person who is responsible for the money to make the film and other important activities required to make the film. He is the person who looks after the casting of actors and controlling the budget of the film.

Cast : They are the actor and actress that is been casted by the producer for the film.

Extras: Generally the extras are the people who help in making the film. They are the part of the film but not facing the cameras.

Screenplay writer: He is the person who is responsible for writing the script of the film. He writes each and every lines of the film that is been said by the actors.

Animation Engineer: The engineer that is responsible for making fictions in the movie. Generally he is responsible for the unusual creatures for the film, making it visually creative imagination.

Art director: The art director is mainly responsible for the costumes, sets and overall style of the  film.

Best Boy: He generally works as a assistant to the gaffer.

Casting director: He is the person responsible for the casting of the appropriate person for the appropriate role.

Caterer: The caterer supplies meals to the whole of the cast and crew.

Cinematographer: The person who directs the lightings on the sets of films.

Clapper Loader: Each scenes details are been written on the board called as clapper . The clapper loader shuts and opens the clapper in front of the actors.

Composer: Composer is the music arranger for the film. He deals with the background score.

Costume Designer: He supplies the designer clothes to the cast of the film.

Editor : The editor cuts and edits the film and gets on to the final version of the film.

Gaffer: Gaffer is responsible for the lighting and he deals with the electric components.

Key grip: grip is responsible for the movement of the cameras over the track laid on the floor. On which the cameras runs and gets the shots of the film.

Make-up artist: Actors look is been set by the make-up artist.

Sound engineer: He deals with the correct recording of the dialogue to the final version.

Stunt man: He is the person who performs dangerous stunts on the film sets. Substitute himself on for the actors.

Wardrobe Master: he is in charge of the costumes, making sure its fit and good in condition to the actors. 

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